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The multicultural environment is maintained by a group of individuals from different nationalities, languages, religions and ethnicity in same place. At present days people engaged in a multicultural environment due to the reason for their work, migration and study activities. The number of individuals including in multi-culture expanding day by day. It found that in 2001/2002 the quantity of international student in the UK was expanded in excess of six times higher than contrasted with 1973, and more than two times higher than contrasted with 1992.

While engaging in a multicultural environment, people experience some physical and mental changes which play a very vital role in their daily life or in future. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impacts of involving in a multicultural environment and try to answer the following question: ‘What are the positive effects on an individual while engaging in a multicultural environment?’. As a foreign student, I am also involved in a multicultural environment. So, in this paper, I’m trying to answer the question based on my experience and other research.

A matter of misunderstanding of multicultural environment leads most of the people into depression, illness and poor academic performance, especially for students. These problems mostly occur because of language barriers, culture shock and difference social activities. But on the other hand, multi-culture helps us to build up our self, social relation, emotions and behaviors. Language makes a huge impact on an individual because without communication it becomes difficult to cope with new cultures and people. International student and people who work for a global company don’t face any problem in their study and workplace because they are well-known with a common language. But outside their study and workplace, most of them face problems like communicating with local peoples, buying groceries and other daily activities because of the language barrier. Encountering this problem in their daily activities leads them to psychological stress. Besides students and immigrants, tourists also experience with same psychological stress in a multicultural environment.

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In a study based on the experiences of some American students in a multicultural environment point out that there is a variety of ways of life, convictions, and responsibilities, student get the high ground to settle on free decisions about their way. Student gets familiar with a wide range of social activities that others have developed with. Student learning and developing in the multicultural environment become adaptable and consistent to change. The writer mentions this kind of skills development called as ‘culture-learning model of contact’. Culture with various religions, races, and social backgrounds gives students the opportunity to grow a more noteworthy discerning of assorted societies living on the planet. Observing people and social activities of a different culture helps an individual to gather knowledge about different culture, country and region.

These days multicultural environment plays a crucial role in the industry, as organizations today work across nations and societies. Barely any associations can work exclusively inside their own social setting. With the Internet, even little companies can communicate with clients or providers a huge number of miles away and create a multicultural environment in his company. Having an assorted and multicultural workplace prompts expanded representative, hierarchical profitability and overall success. People from different country have a different process of workflow, and there is some chance of overlapping ideas and misunderstanding. In one study, the authors examine close, in many ways, overlapping American and German team behaviors. But some organizations accept those things as focal points and train their representatives with an alternate progression of work culture. It founded that 127 (77.44%) respondents benefited from a multicultural environment, and that a multicultural and diverse workforce enriches me personally and encourages me to work harder. It is clear that the multicultural environment helps any organization to forward their business across the globe.

At the conclusion, living in a multicultural environment has numerous positive effects on a person, which allows a person to encounter different methods for living.

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