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As much as obesity has become popular in modern life, the people of California have not been discouraged from enjoying the hamburgers in the restaurant even as late as after midnight. The In-N-Out restaurant is the best place for parties, special events and some other corporate picnics. Its quality is of high standard and also the level of cleanliness is quite commendable. When California is mentioned, many people view it as a place of relaxation and this is displayed by the artwork that is on the wall. The people who live in the Los Angeles celebrate their occasions by visiting the In-N-Out restaurant just to have a bite of the hamburgers to mark some historical events. The restaurant also caters to the young children as they have provided facilities that are suitable for the young children; this has enabled many families to spend their holidays and also weekends in the restaurant.

The In-N-Out restaurant has a great influence on the culture of the Californians this is because the people of California value and balance their work with the family priorities; the restaurant has greatly offered an opportunity to have leisure during the holidays and also the weekends. The wait staff is also on duty on full-time basis and for this reason the people can visit the restaurant any time that they desire. Some have their breakfast in time as they go to their places of work. Lunch and supper are also available any time they are required. The restaurants are also widespread and cater to many people in the state (Smith 95). Many people have also been offered job opportunities because they are well established and in various places and they are also known to pay their employees very well and at a higher rate than the rates that are laid down by the government and also the federal law.

In spite of the famous concept that the dwellers of California have encountered stars, in my view, it is interesting to see the autography of the hamburgers. The people in California love leisure and considering that the economy of the state is much stable most of them are able to have ample time for leisure (Perman 68). The colors that are applied to the buildings are attractive and they are visible to many people from far distances. The color white is a sign of neatness and when blended with red, it gives a sign of comfort and also leisure. The In-N-Out restaurant employs Americans only this is because the employees work full time and they are paid $10 per hour. The wait staff is very cooperative and they attend to their duties very well, this has made many families desire to have dinner in restaurant and even others visit the restaurants during the weekends.

The In-N-Out restaurant has been painted with colors white, yellow and red. The white color is applied for the outer walls of the structure and also for the uniform of the staff. The yellow color has been applied to embellish the band that is found on the roof and the emblem is iconic. The metal awning gives out a good shade that spread into several tables to cater for the customers who may wish to park their vehicles and have a meal.

In-N-Out Burger is a known chain of restaurants that offers fast foods. It has various branches that are found in United States on the Western part. The In-N-Out restaurant was first established in the year 1948 by Harry and his wife Esther. Its headquarters are situated in California and since that time it has grown and expanded in the Southern California and to the rest of the American states. The restaurants have remained as a private entities owned by a family. The restaurants have grown into a base that is loyal to the customers and has been positioned as the best fast foods restaurants in the survey of various customer satisfaction. Their philosophy was to offer the freshest and the high-quality food that is provided in a clean environment and in a friendly manner (Anderson, p. 320). With the sweet taste of the hamburger, the In-N-Out restaurant has become a famous eatery for Californians.

The In-N-Out restaurant has a limited menu; this menu consists of burgers that are of only three different types: the hamburger, the cheeseburger, and the Double-Double that is double meat and the double cheese. The In –N-Out restaurant makes all the foods in an old-fashioned manner. The hamburgers are made of pure beef and it is free of any additives, the fillers or any preservatives of every nature. Los Angelinos, who live up a high standardized life, have enjoyed a relationship with hot hamburgers and also the pride of the Californians. The hamburgers are accompanied with lettuce and tomatoes also with or without some onions as per the customer’s request. There are also some other types of foods that are not included in the menu but are offered in the In-N-Out restaurants (Anderson, p. 32). These variations are found in the secret menu, though they are not indicated in the main menu they are available on the website of the In-N-Out company.

The variations in the secret menu are inclusive of the 3*3 dish which is the component of some three patties and also some three slices of cheese, the 4*4 dish which is the component of some four patties and some four slices of cheese, the Neapolitan shakes is also served, and some grilled sandwich which is made of cheese that contains all the things that are also found in the burger (Motz, p. 54). They also offer the Animal Style fry that is served with some double slices of the melted cheese, some spread, and on top some grilled onions.

The burger chain has received a widespread popularity that contributes to celebrations by some people when they are introduced to their new locations and an event is organized to open up the restaurants. Its appearance has also contributed to its recognition in the non-traditional manner. The In-N-Out restaurant is acceptable in various areas with a high opposition to incorporate the food restaurants. The local leaders in the business have opposed the fast-food chains apart from the In-N-Out restaurant because they did want to maintain the sweetness of a privately owned business in the area (Motz, p. 54).

Some so many people visit the hotel and a number of them have very mixed feelings, Most of the people who visit the restaurant really love it and they confess that it is the best restaurant they have ever visited. They have the best hamburger and they are very good for the people who work for the restaurant. They pay the employees very well and this makes the employees so happy and in return they give good services to the customers. Some of them feel that the hamburger has not been improved since the year 1948, it has changed for better. There is also no alternative meal to replace the unchanging hamburger. Some others feel that the In-N-Out is a cult and that it does not require to be advertised to develop its fan base (Ozersky 125).The restaurant has a secret menu that is known to many, some customers feel that they have visited the restaurant for a long duration and they get embarrassed when they learn about the secret menu that has lasted for many years. Some other people feel that the meat patties offered in the In-N-Out restaurant have a taste like the microwaved cardboard.

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