Please use this Textbook for reference:

Newton, R. (2010) The Management Consultant: Mastering the Art of Consultancy Author: Richard Newton Publisher: FT Press ISBN: 978-0273730873 

I have also posted tips if incase you don’t have a textbook.

1. Start with an understanding of why you are buying consultancy.

2. Take time clarifying the scope and deliverables of the engagement.

3. Don’t forget you always have a choice – not to buy or to use someone else.

4. Check the proposal matches your needs and expectations.

5. Agree the billing arrangements up-front.

6. Clarify who is the client.

7. Decide how much freedom you will give the consultants.

8. Expect a lot – but don’t expect miracles!

9. Confirm precisely who is in the consulting team.

10. Read the small print in the contract.

11. If you don’t trust the consultant, don’t buy.

12. Before saying yes, be clear about what happens when they finish.

13. Plan check points in the engagement.

14. Prepare for the consultants’ arrival.

15. Keep an eye on who the consultants are talking to within your organization.

16. Pay for work, not for sales activity.

17. Delivery is a partnership.

18. Check back against the proposal.

19. Check the deliverables – don’t just accept them.

20. Only pay the bill if you are happy with the work and the invoice is reasonable.

In Chapter 14 of our text, the author discusses 20 consulting tips for clients busying consultancy. After reaching chapter 14 and reviewing the tips, I’d like for you to choose at 5 – 7 tips that you found the most beneficial. Remember that you are in a different mindset than last week, this is for a client-centric approach.

For EACH tip you choose, answer the following: 

  • 1. Why do you feel this tip is more beneficial than others? 
  • 2. If you were working as a consultant how would you implement these tips to improve your work for a client-centric approach?
  • Don’t forget to follow the outlined expectations for your initial discussion post and peer replies.

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