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Globalization refers to the heightened integration of the world markets (Dodge, 2012). Globalization has enabled the united states to soar very high in the economy and maintain global leadership. To some extent, globalization has caused harm to the united states. However, the positive impacts of globalization are too many and greatly outweigh the adverse effects (Dodge, 2012). Because the positive effects outweigh the negative ones, globalization has enabled the united states to enjoy the top side of life with the highest living standards for its citizens.

The first advantage of globalization is that it has enabled the united states to excel economically through its invention. The invention of globalization saw the rise of an American initiative called the International Monetary Fund (Dodge, 2012). Such a regime has defended the American economy from the attack of th communists by creating a world market. Therefore, such a situation has always enabled the united states to thrive in its dealings. Due to the market’s global nature, the American capitalists experienced few ideological rivals, and therefore there were very high chances of thrift. Good information highways ensured that the buyers and the sellers were always connected around the globe (Dodge, 2012).

Moreover, globalization has enabled Americans to escape from the sight of the government’s tyranny of unionism and regulations. Besides, the living standards of American citizens significantly improved through globalization. Such an advantage came with the fact that the citizens acquired the power to choose what they could buy and at what cost (Dodge, 2012). Therefore, n added advantage counts even for the significant population of low income. In most sectors of the economy, the low-income population is exposed to a variety of product choices, which lowers the prices.

As if that is not enough, the united states have always maintained its lead in innovation due to globalization. Many famous brands have been marketed through globalization, bringing hefty returns to American investors. Besides, great job opportunities are available to the American population, which dramatically improves their living standards. Some famous brands, like Nike, have been influential in this case (Dodge, 2012).

Globalization has also contributed t the proper management of various cultures and cultural acceptance. In this manner, the economy has engaged employees from all corners of the globe with different beliefs and values (Nitzan & Bichler, 2009). The globalization nature has seen America accept and tolerate various diversities and their rights served with due respect with protection by the constitution. As a result, globalization did away with gender bias and racial discrimination issues in America, promoting peace, harmony, and understanding.

The American market has also been subjected to competition by its global operation. Through the competition, America has pioneered various innovations that keep it steering as the lead in the invention. Through the competition, the global market has been able to bring more quality products to the best competitors (Nitzan & Bichler, 2009). The global market attracts investors from various regions of the world. When such investors share their ideas snd communicate them, they create a competitive advantage for their business environment snd their products through the improvement of quality.

Despite all the good impacts, globalisation has a few adverse effects. The first one is terrorism. The worldwide integration fosters wide abroad travelling, but not all travellers are honest in their dealings. Most terrorists use work visas to hide their intentions and become a threat to national security (Nitzan & Bichler, 2009). Secondly, there is the problem of job insecurity. The global nature of the American economy exposes it to the world, and therefore everybody across the globe seeks employment in the united states. As a result, the Americans are rendered jobless (Nitzan & Bichler, 2009).

Therefore, generally, positive outcomes of globalization outweigh its negative impacts in the united states. It is proper for the American community to fully embrace global economic operations if it maintains the high scales of the multiple advantages explained above.


Dodge, M. (2012). The GPS-Galileo Agreement and Treaty Law. J. Space L.38, 227.

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