In my opinion, it’s easy to identify the faculty and staff people with a dress code. Its shows their uniqueness in a group and clearly convey student which people are staff. In another way proper clothing and grooming positivity effect the learning and teaching condition in our university. Faculty and staff individuals are relied upon to dress in a professional and appropriate way. And the decision to have the dress code has opinion and influence of all the people teaching and working at Campbellsville University. I will try and persuade the third party why we see having a dress code is appropriate and purpose for such a decision.One need to work together to resolve the difference in opinion and in our case, we convince the third party who is on the minority side and influence our decision on him/her. We could consider the below steps to influence the decision of the third party.· Pointing out the odds of not accepting the strategy to the third party once the dress code came into effect as two people already vote for it.· Pointing out the conflict of mutual interest.· I might state the reason why we vote for dress code, sometimes it helps the person to change their decision.· Make the third party realize other perspectives· Point out to the third party that having a dress code provides a sense of security to everyone by keeping intruders and strangers away from the school environment· Having a dress code will not distract staff and teaching faculty to make them have a biased opinion based on one’s dressing. In other words, less distracts and more concatenating on education· We can ask the opinion of the third party why they are not voting for dress code, listen to their opinion and contradict how can those limitations can be overcome and still have a dress code.· Helping them to figure out to decide based on the above

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