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My mom is a medical coder. A medical coder reviews medical charts and graphs and makes sure everything is correct and coded properly before sending it in. My mom works from home so that she can do everything a mom does. She also stays home because she wants to care for us and see us as much as she can every day. As she still works from home, my mom still earns lots of money. My mom is very fun, creative, athletic, fit, generous, intelligent, funny, confident, beautiful, and trustworthy. As a child, my mom attended St Mel’s for middle school in Flushing, New York. She then attended The Mary Louis Academy for High School. After she graduated high school, she attended St.John’s University for college. Her favorite hobby is to run, workout, and spend time with family. She does many triathlons and I love supporting her because I know she can do it. I admire that my mom does this because I love to do it too. It makes both of us feel very good about ourselves. I love that as a family we spend lots of time together and it’s so much fun.

My dad is an accountant. He is a CFO of an investment company. My dad is very intelligent, helpful, fun, athletic, fit, confident, generous, funny, creative, and trustworthy. He went to St.Raphael’s for middle school in Sunnyside. Later, my dad attended Archbishop Molloy for high school. Lastly, he attended Fairfield University for college. My dad’s favorite hobby is playing soccer and basketball, as well as spending time with family. I cherish that because I also love playing soccer and basketball. A lot of times my dad and I play basketball and soccer outside. I also admire how he loves spending time with our family. Our family spends a lot of time together and I love it so much. My dad always inspires me and gives me tips on everyday life. I admire him for helping me all the time. He is very dedicated to his job and I admire that he is so focused on his work, I want to be as focused as he is. My dad encourages me to be hardworking and not wait until the last minute to do things.

My oldest sister is named Kayla. She currently babysits lots of kids and is currently 17, turning 18 on July 19th. Kayla also volunteers her time at the Hance Family Foundation office on Mondays and Thursdays. Along with that, she was a teacher for CCD for third graders. She went to Our Lady of Victory School since nursery and misses it so much. She has been attending Sacred Heart Academy for four years, currently being a senior. Kayla will be graduating from Sacred Heart as I will be graduating from Our Lady of Victory School. Kayla is generous, kind, adventurous, funny, helpful, confident, beautiful, hardworking, and organized. Her favorite hobby is helping people who have disabilities. Kayla worked at Camp Anchor for the past three summers and I admire her hard work and dedication to help them.

My other older sister is Catherine. She is 15 years old and has a job at Safety Swim in New Hyde Park. She also went to Our Lady of Victory School since nursery and misses OLV very much. She currently attends Sacred Heart Academy as a sophomore. Catherine is kind, friendly, confident, beautiful, generous, helpful, intelligent, cheerful, organized, and athletic. Her favorite hobby is to play basketball and soccer. Catherine and I go outside and practice soccer and basketball together very frequently. I value that she does this with me. When we practice outside, we play mini soccer and basketball games, and she helps me get better since she is older and better than me.

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My youngest brother’s name is Patrick. He is currently ten years old. Patrick is a fourth grader at Our Lady of Victory. Paddy is very kind, generous, athletic, courageous, confident, helpful, smart, and dependable. He loves to play every sport you can think of, especially soccer, basketball, and baseball. Even if he doesn’t play the sport, he is automatically just naturally good at sports. Paddy and I also play many sports outside. We love to stay active. I admire that he loves to read and get smarter. He is a very intelligent kid and he is always reading at night time which makes him very smart. Paddy and I also Xbox together sometimes. He is very fun to play with.

My cousin’s name is Catherine Hartel. She is 22 years old and currently attends St.John’s University. She is very enthusiastic, funny, helpful, generous, smart, and flexible. She loves to dance and I remember going to many of her recitals when I was younger. My favorite quality about her is that she is always laughing and smiling. I also like how she always stays positive. My second cousin Johnny is 18 years old and currently attends the University of South Carolina. Johnny is very funny, athletic, faithful, trustworthy, and smart. He likes to play a lot of sports, even if he doesn’t play the actual sport. My favorite quality about him is that he always respects everyone and is true to his faith. He is a role model for many people and spreads the good news through his actions. Johnny is very committed to his faith and his sports teams, and I admire that.

One of my favorite memories with my family is our two-week trip to Ireland. My grandma and grandpa had a house there, and we went to visit them. I was so happy when we went there and it was so cool. I remember the first day I slept until noon because of the time zone differences and I wasn’t used to it yet. When I woke up, my grandma was in the kitchen and told me that my sisters went picking raspberries with my grandpa. I was upset because I woke up too late to go with them. My grandma told me that I woke up so late, and I was astonished at how late I slept. Another thing I remembered from Ireland was when we were driving past a farm and the gates were opened. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, about a hundred cows are crossing the road. We quickly came to a stop and we all started laughing. One other memory is when my siblings and I were on the swing set in my grandma’s backyard. Two dogs came up to us and we acted like they were our dogs. We told my grandma, grandpa, and our parents, and the whole family treated them as our pets. We always gave them dog food and played with them. Ever since the first day in Ireland when we met these dogs, they come back to my grandma’s house in Ireland every day, and according to my grandma, still come until this day.

One of my family traditions is always going to my grandpa’s house in Flushing for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Easter. We usually have a big dinner on each of these holidays. We always spend time together and I hope I can carry on this tradition with my future husband and kids. Another family tradition we have is a birthday tradition. Whoever’s birthday it is, we put them in one room and the rest of the family goes into the kitchen and prepares to bring out the cake. We claim that the electricity is out and that whoever’s birthday it has to stay in one room to check if it comes back on. The rest of the family processes from the kitchen singing “Happy Birthday” and we celebrate. My family has lots of traditions, and I love all of them.

I love my family more than anything and love spending time with them. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my mom, dad, Kayla, Catherine, and Paddy. I also wouldn’t be here without my aunts, uncles, cousins, my grandma, my poppi, my grandpa, and my nana. I appreciate each of them for their presence in my life. All my family members are always there for me when I need them and I am so grateful for that. I love them so much and I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

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