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Did, you know that the biggest and most important rainforest worldwide is being cut down?

The Amazon Rainforest is being cut down and could put the world in jeopardy. We need to stop this problem before it’s too late. As the Amazon is getting cut down more and more, unique plants and animals are becoming endangered. Also, humans depend on the rainforest for ⅓ of the world’s oxygen.

Important unique plants that are only found in the Amazon Rainforest are becoming endangered. According to, there are over 24,000 endangered plant species which is keen for the survival of the Amazon. This problem is bad because some of these plants are essential to rainforest’s success. For example, Mangrove trees prevent major erosion from happening by slowing down the movement of sediment. However, there are plants that also benefit humans as well. According to,

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some indigenous plants in the rainforest can cure disease. For instance, the Periwinkle plant is one of the world’s most powerful cancer fighter. Important plants, not only in the Amazon, but also the world of medicine, are being destroyed and harmed by clear-cutting. We, as a world community, should help stop this madness and complete end to clear-cutting in the Amazon Rainforest.

Animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest are becoming endangered by habitat loss and poaching. According to, about 2,600 animals are endangered and that is a bad sight. This is bad because the Amazon Rainforest is losing more and more animals daily. For example, the South American Tapir is endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. Animals are becoming endangered and it is our duty to protect and help these animals who are losing their lives.

The Amazon Rainforest(also known as the lungs of the world) is a major oxygen producer and that is very important. According to, the rainforest produces more than twenty percent of the world’s oxygen. However, deforestation rates are going up and the Amazon is starting to rapidly decrease in size. states that every year, about the size of New Jersey(8,720 miles) gets cut down in the Amazon Rainforest. If this keeps going on, we could lose a major source of oxygen. The Amazon Rainforest is a major source of oxygen, and we should protect it so it stays like that for many more years to come.

Every day, the Amazon Rainforest gets cut down and animals and plants lose their lives. Also, us humans lose more and more oxygen in the air. We need to put a stop to deforestation in the Amazon or we just might put an end to ourselves.

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