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Reading individuals’ emotions is critical in relationships, positive communication, and in school districts. There are two different ways to determine emotions: instinctive and systematic approaches. Instinctive decisions can be more successful in determining emotions in familiar people, whereas systematic approaches are more successful in dealing with strangers. Not only can these emotions be analyzed and determined by people, but also in brain scans. Although studies have shown emotions in brain scans, all brains are different; therefore, not all emotions of every person can be displayed on a brain scan. The reading of these emotions can be extremely important in approaching spouses and allowing a positive relationship between couples. Not only can these emotions affect marriage, but they can increasingly impact academic success. Teachers need to read the emotions of their students and change their way of teaching to create the largest amount of success for students. No matter the way the emotions are read, determining an individual’s feelings is a necessity in all aspects of life. Throughout life, everyone faces the idea of reading people’s facial expressions, body language, or posture to determine one’s feelings. Without being able to tell how people feel individuals would not be able to communicate effectively and hold simple conversations. Individuals often determine others’ emotions without even thinking about the decisions they are engaging in and the accuracy of their determination. While some decisions require longer and more thorough thinking, other decisions are better off using one’s instinctive thoughts. An example of longer thought-processing decisions includes thinking about taking a new job, and an example of instinctive decision-making would be judging the emotional reactions of others. New studies have shown that people can improve the way they read others’ feelings by carefully assessing individuals’ emotions, instead of using instinctive thoughts. Lerner and Ma-Kellams (2016) found that reflective thinkers interpreted another individual’s mood more accurately during mock interviews, while systematic thinkers excelled in examining emotions through other individuals’ eyes. As both instinctive (reflective) and systematic processes are used in different settings, all people can read emotions on some level. Lerner and Ma-Kellams (2016) determined that intuitive thinking is more beneficial when determining the emotions of familiar individuals, and a more critical aspect of determining emotions should be used when facing a stranger (Hutson, 2016).

Scientists have looked closer into the connection between brain scans and emotions. Saarimäki (2016) found that the deeper the connection of a memory to an individual, the more likely the brain scan resembled the emotions felt during that memory. These scans can predict the individual’s emotions accurately 75% of the time. However, not every scientist agrees with the fact that scans can reflect emotions. Barrett (2016) demonstrated that the emotions recognized in the scans by Saarimäki cannot be transferred to a different group of people. While the scans did reflect the emotions expressed during a certain memory, a different group of people with different brains may not show the same results, therefore, more research needs to be done to safely determine emotions by brain scans (“Is Your Happy the Same as My Happy?”, 2016).

Emotional intelligence is a useful skill to have, but excessive intelligence can particularly lead to negative outcomes. A high level of emotional intelligence can allow individuals to read emotions on a better level, ultimately allowing people to eavesdrop on the feelings of others. Knowing in high detail one’s emotions can cause stress, on both the reader and the person with the feelings. The reader could begin to feel responsible for the feelings of others, which ultimately causes stress (Blaszcak-Boxe, 2016). The emotions children portray during school can be an important factor in finding better ways teachers can teach their children. Research has found that children need to have a healthy relationship with their teacher in order to create academic success. Students may not come out and tell the teacher they do not like them, or clearly state that their relationship is poor; therefore, teachers need to be able to determine the feelings of children by the actions they portray and the emotions they give off (Graziano, 2007).

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Not being able to read students’ emotions can cause children to perform poorly in classes, and the teacher would not be doing her job effectively. Not only would this cause problems between the student and teacher, but the school administration may be involved if the students are not passing their classes. Poor academic success could cause society to take their children to different schools, and the schooling program could diminish because there is no academic success. If school programs begin to diminish, then teachers and principals could lose their jobs. This could cause workforce rates to decrease in specific societies. With the loss of jobs and lack of academic success in school programs, students will have the choice to move to a different school program or go home-schooled. The students who begin homeschooling would not have as many opportunities to socialize with other students, and they would miss out on extra-curricular activities. These students could then become isolated from the real world and could begin to develop mental illnesses such as depression. Mental illnesses could cause people to commit crimes or perform other illegal activities (Graziano, 2007).

Academic success is achieved when the student feels there is a good relationship with the teacher, and this allows the children to have more room to learn (Graziano, 2007). The student may give off emotions that the relationship is not strong. Such as the student may act out in class and not listen to the teacher’s instructions, or the students may not be productive during class and waste learning time messing around. The teacher could clearly see these emotions and read them as the student is having problems in the class, and these students would not be performing well on the tests because they are not learning anything. These repeated outbreaks of poor behavior can allow the teacher to change her way of teaching to better help individual students. With the change in teaching strategy, the student will stop acting out and become more productive in class. Ultimately, behavior and academic success will increase in the classroom (Graziano, 2007). The behavior of the students may not immediately change with a simple teaching strategy, multiple changes in the way of teaching may have to occur before the student’s behavior improves. As the student feels more prone to learning success, their emotions will change towards the teacher. The teacher can then read the children’s positive emotions such as feelings of happiness or success (Graziano, 2007).

Academic success and positive relationships with students will cause overall success in a school district. Parents in society would feel comfortable sending their children to school as they know there is a high chance of success. These success rates could cause children from other school districts to transfer schools in looking for better academic success. All of this academic success ultimately comes from the teacher creating positive relationships with their students, but reading emotions is critical in doing so (Graziano, 2007). Without teachers being able to read emotions in their students, their school district could possibly lose academic success and teachers could lose their jobs. Students would then become home-schooled because their school district is poor, and students could eventually develop mental illnesses. Overall, reading emotions can have a huge impact on school districts (Graziano, 2007). Individuals face different ways to determine the emotions of other people, and these ways are instinctive or systematic. The reading of these emotions is critical in all relationships, such as relationships with friends, teachers, strangers, or spouses. Daily communication cannot be effective without the determination of the emotions. The way someone is feeling causes the need for a different way to approach communication. If an individual’s spouse is showing signs of sadness or anger, they should be approached in a thoughtful and caring manner. Signs of happiness can then be approached in a more joking manner. Without the determination of these feelings, sad people could be approached in a joking manner and make their sadness worse. Not only can these emotions be important in relationships with spouses, but also when talking to strangers. Since strangers are not known on a personal level, a more critical approach to their emotions needs to be taken. Individuals may not know what the stranger is going through and thinking critically takes away the chance of jumping to conclusions. When communicating with both spouses and strangers, the idea of reading emotions is critical in effectively communicating (“How We Read Emotions”, 2016). Reading emotions can be done by instinctive thoughts, or by spending time thinking critically about someone’s emotions before determining their feelings. In all aspects of life, individuals read the emotions of people without having knowledge of even doing so. Without the ability to read emotions, relationships, and positive communication would be nearly impossible. The ability to read emotions can be used in relationships with friends, dating life, the workforce, and even schooling.

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