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1. Increasing socialization

Football sport progresses our relationship with other people in many ways. First, “football sport can build young people’s confidence and prepare them for later live” (Inetwork, 2017). Second, young people have a good relationship with football sport. All over the world, young people play football because they enjoy the game especially when they have free time. Football sports make young people more united and friends in the community. “Football sport is an ideal activity for learning about communication and it is excellent for young people’s physical development and improving communication skill” (Inetwork,2007). Third, “Football sport is promoting teamwork, being social and boosting our confidence” (Fletcher, 2018). Last, young people easily become sociable when they meet each other on the ground and become a good relationship. When young people play football on time and team by team, they share understanding and knowledge with each other. “The football sport for the development sector consists of a wide of social issues” (Steve & Veronica, 2014).

2. The advantages of football

Football is a kind of sport that is more popular in the world as well as it has many advantages for the players. First, young people want to play football when they see footballers with good health and skill. “Playing football is good for health because it improved academic achievement, decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes, improved weight control, less psychologic dysfunction” (Market, 2013). The footballer has healthier than the person who does not play sport. “Playing football is also improving heart health and blood and increasing body fat” (Ben Fletcher,2018). And then, footballers are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables because it also has a lot of nutrition for health. “Football is less likely to engage and smoking illicit drug taking, suicide” (Donna L Markel 2013). But they are less engaging in smoking because they know that the smoke can affect their physical health like lungs, brain, and tire very fast so football sport can stress. In addition, when a person has stress and if a person plays football, they’ll forget stress (Markel, 2013). “Football sport builds strength stamina and speed, trains a person who plays football brain, improving concentration and coordination” (Ben Fletcher 2018). Furthermore, playing football prevents HIV disease and Cancer protects our cells’ disease and voluntary testing. “Football can repair and build more muscle strength, but diet must contain enough protein” (Ben Fletcher 2018). “Football sport provides basic for physical fitness and healthy living, but it captures the interest of people all over the world” (Steve Fleming and Veronica Escobar 2014). Finally, playing football sport can make a person have a good memory skills and a person cannot forget easily.

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3. Football sport change young people’s life

Football sport is a sport that good for young people. “The football sport refers to physical activity and it’s used as a tool for peace and development is individual, healthy, social and economic benefit football can influence young people’s behavior, especially confidence and avoid fighting to each other” (Homes, 2007). First, the young people, learn football sport together in a team. Furthermore, the football coach teaches them how to control their member to develop management and share knowledge with each other. “Football sport really can play a fundamental lasting role in changing the lives of young people across the world” (Kelly Homes, 2007). “It is also playing football sport the young people’s they know about their responsibility and change young lives and make the young people’s management and commitment in their community” (Ben Fletcher 2018). “They can keep football as the core element in training and technical skill development in the community” (Donna L Markel,2013). Playing a football sport can change everything, for example, a person who use drugs in the past, if a person who played football every day, they would forget everything in the past. It’s because football can change so we can say football sport changes young people’s life. “I firmly believe that football sport does have the power to change lives. The famous players focus, on how football sport can contribute to humanity and in particular empower and educate young people to tackle the problems they face and build social skills” (Kelly Home, 2007). Playing football provides numerous types of advantages, such as increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness, improved fitness skills, and even psychosocial benefits. Football can benefit all ages, provided the participant’s doctor approves, and his developmental stage, maturity, and physical size suit a contact sport (Griffis, 2018).

4. The Disadvantages of football

Football is a dangerous sport. The sport of football has had a love-and-hate relationship with the public (Bobby R, 2018). Football sport can damage bones. The players are at risk for injuries during and after their careers. Because playing football makes youth injuries and broken bones and feel pain after playing football (Kenneth D, 2011). The important disadvantage of playing football is the high risk of injury. Playing football often violent nature of the game makes it difficult to remove entirely. Just like injuries can be painful and may require significant time for rehabilitation (Bobby R, 2018). Football is a sport that just might have the most body-to-body contact in the world. Some say this contact can cause negative health effects, and some do not mention the contact and say football is not just a sport but something that prepares the players for life. Football has been labeled a dangerous sport in the past years with injuries happening frequently to the head (Teens, 2017).

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