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In 1599, William Shakespeare composed the misfortune play of Julius Caesar, a play dependent on the existence of Caesar. It recounts an account of a Roman government official named Brutus who contrived with others to assassinate Caesar. This essay seeks to discuss the nature of honor as a main theme in Julius Caesar. The play is composed of the nature of honor, conspiracy, and betrayal.

The meaning of the concentrate in a play as an entire is that Brutus is opposite way addressed that Cassius ought to ( Remember the ides of March ) at which time they slew Julius Caesar, who neither pilled nor surveyed the country, however just was a supported and suborner of every one of them that did and ruin, by his face and authority and if there were any event whereby they may really save equity and value, they ought to have had more motivation to have endured Caesar’s companions to have ransacked.

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First and foremost, the most conspicuous subject that is depicted in the play is an honor, Honor in Julius Caesar is compared with bravery and benevolence, henceforth Brutus is considered respectable by almost everybody in the play. This is shown in the play where Brutus comments to Cassius that he would promptly forfeit his life for everyone’s benefit. It is absolutely this ethical ness that Cassius misuses for his own points. ‘I see thou honorable mettle may be wrought’ Cassius says of Brutus toward the finish of Act I, scene 2. Furthermore, sure, enough, by producing the letter from the plebeians (who ask Brutus to face Caesar), Cassius offers Brutus’ honor, which serves to trap him in the trick. Unfortunately, it is Brutus’ extraordinary ethical ness that adds to his demise and to the o War. In this case, honor has an older and simpler meaning, external rewards, and recognition of value. In scene one, this is an honor borrowed by the civilians from Caesar, and the court is so distrustful. But to prove that his actions are reasonable, Brutus needs to prove Caesar’s ambition, or more precisely, any ambition he can do. Endanger general interests. However, in order to support his accusations of ambition, Brutus just reminded the masses that he is a glorious person, But Brutus says he was ambitious, And Brutus is an honorable man, he is glorious, and he will reflect, then his behavior must be fair.

Furthermore, as Calpurnia tries to persuade him not to go to the Senate, Caesar imagines himself as a ‘threat’ in the form of twin lions. Caesar insists on being the more strong and more terrifying of the twins. The whole thing is an attempt to show off how good he is. Honor for Caesar implies grit and strength, just as it does Brutus. Because of his importance, he is avoiding a required Senate visit. Two lions littered in one day, And I the elder, and more terrible. And Caesar shall go forth

And again, understanding that the end is close, Brutus chooses the most respectable approach is self-destruction, and thus requests that Strato hold his sword while he runs into it. Once more, in this scene honor hints at self-pride. It is more ‘fair’ for Brutus to hide any hint of failure and end his own life than it is to be caught and seem powerless. Since Brutus doesn’t fear passing, he is considered valiant, aloof, and a model of Roman goodness. Then again, Cassius orders another person to carry out the thing, and prior to passing on, covers his face so as not to see the sword swing down on him. Both are indications of dread and weakness, and both serve to paint his passing in a shameful light. It is more worthy to leap in ourselves Than tarry till they push us.

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