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Homeostasis is the self-regulatory system within human body and it also exists in animals’ body as well. It aims on maintaining the internal condition within one’s body, according to Betts et al (2017). Homeostasis is particularly significant in one’s body, as the failure of the homeostasis in one’s body might cause different kinds of disease, for example diabetes in human. According to the NHS (2019) the cause of diabetes is due to the insulin in the pancreas fail to regulate the glucose in the body. When homeostasis fails, nurses will need to involve, because the exists of nurse is to curl people who suffer from illness. “Where homeostasis ends, nursing begins” (Fawcett, Watson, & Fawcett, 2003, P.8) is describing why nursing exists when homeostasis fails, and what is the role of the nurse when homeostasis fails in the body. The main idea of this essay will be discussing the above two ideas.

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Homeostasis is the regulatory system within both human and its role is to maintain the internal condition of the body stable as mentioned above. The fail of homeostasis causes different kinds of disease, one of the most iconic disease causes by homeostasis is diabetes. There are two types of diabetes, they are type 1 and type 2 diabetes respectively, while type 1 is the most common type of diabetes among the world. Diabetes causes by a various reason, it could cause by genetics, family medical history, diet and external environment (, 2019). Type 1 diabetes is cause by production fail of insulin due to β cell destruction according to Marx (2002).

Also, the condition of the patients who suffer from chronic illness and acquired diseases may go more worse when homeostasis fails (Kotas & Medzhitov, 2015). For example, Ma et al. (2009) claimed that, the disorder of the circadian oscillator may cause dysregulation of bile acid homeostasis and results in cholestatic disease.


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