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In the book Hiroshima by John Hersey, there is a character named Dr. Terufumi Sasaki he is a surgeon working at a hospital. Dr. Terufumi would always take risks because he took care of patients without having the papers to officially be allowed to help people. But when the city is suffering as bad as they were, worse than any city in the world up to now people have to do what they have to do in order to help the kids, elders, and other people who are begging for help. Knowing that he was the only doctor that survived or didn’t get injured he had too much more than he was used to, Dr. Terufumi was a very caring physician. He would work longer hours than what he was used to, and that was 19 hours until he could not work anymore.

At the beginning of the book, Hiroshima John Hersey begins talking about Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura and her kids and they were left under piles of wood and tiles. The way John describes this passage makes the reader get in the shoes of the mom because as a mother you are always worried for your kids and this day for Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura was no different in fact it was worse. One quote in the journal entry that really caught my attention was “ Mrs. Nakamura cleared a hole above the child and began to pull her arm. “Itai! It hurts!” Yaeko cried. Mrs. Nakamura shouted “ there’s no time now to say whether it hurts or not,” and yanked her whimpering daughter up.” This quote stood out to me because it showed how much Yaeko was suffering under the big piles of wood and tiles, but her mom was just trying to get her out of the situation but it did hurt Yaeko as much as it hurt Mrs. Nakamura. Not every mom is going through these situations that the parents from Hiroshima did so it was a very touching quote that John Hersey included. “ Then she freed Mieko. The children were filthy and bruised, but none of them had a single cut or scratch.” This passage inferred the relief that Mrs. Nakamura had because her children didn’t have a single cut or scratch but they did have some bruises. She was very lucky that her children weren’t badly injured or it would’ve been much worse because she would’ve had to take them to the closest hospital but the hospitals already had thousands of people there. It was a struggle to find medical help because there were very few doctors that were healthy because most of them were too injured to help.

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In the middle of the book, Dr. Sasaki is working up to 19 hours at the Red Cross Hospital as bodies constantly keep coming. After the Hiroshima bombing, most of the doctors were either dead or injured so that left the city with only around six doctors and they had thousands of people to take care of in limited spaces with limited nurses. “Dr. Sasaki, who had one seventeen-hour sleep at his home on the third night, had ever since then rested only about six hours a night, on a mat at the hospital; he had lost 20 pounds from his very small body” was a quote that caught my attention because it showed the condition the doctors had to be in. Dr. Sasaki had only slept once and he slept on a mat which could be the most uncomfortable place possible, but they had no other option but to keep working and not sleep because there were people to help. When John Hersey said that Dr. Sasaki had lost twenty pounds that showed me that he has had no time to even eat and practically killed himself, risking his body. This passage really shows the risk doctors were willing to take in order to save other people.

At the end of the book, Dr. Y. Hiraiwa and his were buried under a house that just collapsed. In this part of the book, John Hersey shows the relationship between the people and the country of Japan because it shows that many Japanese are willing to work endlessly for the country after the bombing. “Both of 47 them could not move an inch under tremendously heavy pressure. And the house already caught fire. His son said, “Father, we can do nothing except make our mind up to consecrate our lives for the country”. Once they were under the broken building the son of Dr. Y. Hiraiwa said there was nothing to do now that they were badly injured but to consecrate their lives to the country, which means they were going to declare their lives to the country. And that is how many of the Japanese felt after the Hiroshima bombing and that is exactly what the country needed from their people, for them not to give up in difficult moments. The bombing did not faze the people of Japan neither did it separate them from each other, it made them stronger despite all the losses they suffered from family members, coworkers, and many other people they knew.

In the book Hiroshima by John Hersey, there was a very important character named Mr. Mazakazu Fujii, he had a very important role in the story of Hiroshima. He was a physician before the bombing but after the explosion, he was terribly injured but he was eager to help the injured. This shows compassion that not many other characters showed because many of the citizens who were wounded could not help, which resulted in very few people being able to assist other people. Before the bombing had his own private hospital, which he spends much of his life helping out the injured and while helping his family. He then takes trips to the United States, he gets and inspired to become an American doctor.

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