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What if one could save hundreds of people, or change the world in a good way, permanently, but they had to sacrifice some stuff in their life like putting their lives at risk or giving up 10 years of their own life? Would they choose it? Or would they not? Heroes are when people make a good impact on one’s life or the world in some way, or they risk their lives to save someone. They never give up; the hero will try their best to reach their goals.

First of all, to be a hero, one needs to be patient to achieve their goals. The individual needs to work hard but not be in a hurry to achieve their goal. One example of this is a historical hero named Harriet Tubman. Tubman’s goal was to save herself and hundreds of African Americans from slavery. “[She] first encountered the Underground Railroad when she used it to escape slavery herself in 1849” (Biography). After she escaped, she made a plan by herself, to save African Americans from slavery using the Underground Railroad she found in 1849. So “between 1850 and 1860, Tubman made 19 trips from the South to the North following the network known as the Underground Railroad. She guided more than 300 people, including her parents and several siblings, from slavery to freedom” (Biography). This is a perfect example of a hero being patient because Tubman worked for 10 years by herself to save more than 300 slaves and, she was patient and in no hurry. She worked hard and finally, after 10 years, achieved her goal to save African Americans from slavery. This proves that being patient is a good heroic trait, because she saved more than 300 people with patience without the patience Tubman probably wouldn’t have saved all these slaves from slavery. The White Helmets are another good example that demonstrates a hero being patient. The White Helmets are a group of patient first responders who rescue victims of bombings that get trapped under broken-down buildings or rubble. The White Helmets are normal human beings just like all other people in the world, that has a family, that decided to work as a first responder in Syria. These people only get 1 month of training, and they go to save people. Even though the workers of the White Helmets are under a lot of pressure, they still have a lot of patience to save people under the rubble. “Do you know the feeling that you get when you plant a small seed and it grows into a beautiful bush? That’s how we feel that this baby is still alive thanks to God and to our work. We feel very proud. I’ve learned many lessons from baby Mahmoud. Patience, persistence, hard work, and never to lose hope, no matter what happens, they will live” (Vialogue). The White Helmets learn a lot from each person that they save. “Since 2013, more than 130 White Helmets were killed, in the same period, they saved more than 58,000 lives” (Vialogue). This shows that being patient helps people under pressure, if the White Helmets weren’t patient and were nervous and anxious, they wouldn’t work properly because they might do something wrong, but with patience, the White Helmets got to save tens of thousands of people.

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Another trait you need to be a hero is, sacrifice, you need to sacrifice your life and go into danger and save people. Something that is similar to this is the White Helmets of Syria. The White Helmets of Syria, go into bombings the second after they happen. The bombings trap a lot of people under buildings, the White Helmets have the courage to go into those dangerous buildings to save people. The White Helmets of Syria represent courage because they saved a lot of people, risking their own lives, and even some dying. Furthermore, this is why the White Helmets of Syria are very courageous.

The final trait a hero needs to become a hero is they need to be persistent. An example of this is The Children’s March. The Children’s in the Children’s March got arrested and injured. But the little kids were persistent and they kept on working hard to end racism. Thousands of kids were arrested, but when they were released, they were going at it again even though they were scared. Therefore, the Children’s March is another hero that represents a heroic trait.  

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