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Introduction: Company’s Background

Gunns, an Australian business specializing in softwood and hardwood forest products, was established in 1875 (Gunns Limited, 2011a). It consists of three departments: Forest Products, Gunns Plantations Ltd, and other Businesses. The Forest Product department deals with exporting wood fibers, managing forest plantations, and carrying out operations with timber products (Gunns Limited, 2011a). Gunns Plantation Ltd takes responsibility for Great Southern Growers and GPL. Finally, the company also includes Bell Bay Pulp Project and Gunns Timber Products (Gunns Limited, 2011a).

History of Gunns

Gunns was created by brothers John and Thomas Gunn and it is considered to be the company with the longest history. Since its establishment, the Gunns company is recorded as an ASX/200 company managing a wide variety of forest products. The building of St. Andrews Church in Launceston was the first remarkable project of the company. Today the construction is regarded as a historic testament to the craftsmanship and quality. In the 90s of the nineteenth century, the company entered the period of time manufacturing industry, which included mill construction near the Tamar River. In 1950, the production was significantly facilitated with the introduction of saws. The Gunns dynasty continues running the company and introducing new product lines, one of which is Gunns Plantation Development started 50 years ago (Gunns Limited, 2011c).

Gunns Strategies, Missions, and Vision

Gunn’s business strategies focus on the company’s business as a processor and manager of plantation forest products (Gunns Limited, 2011b). In this respect, the company aims to strengthen its social license, finalize the pulp mill investment program, take an active part in a broad industry analysis, redirect the production to plantation forests, reduce group debt and concentrate on the high yielding assets on the balance sheet (Gunns Limited, 2011b). In addition, the company strives to exist from non-contributing businesses.

The Gunns company is committed to the concept of sustainability and environmental safety through certification. It means that the company is responsible for managing the operations with regard to existing environmental problems.

Company’s Operations and Principles of Work

The company programs involve:

  • Implementing the work SAFE Program;
  • Developing suitable corrective measures for the defined risk assessment;
  • Constructing high-risk actions outside the business;
  • Improving isolation of process through installing lockout systems to minimize the risk of exposure;
  • Developing a Strategic Business Plan for developing operational plans;
  • Due diligence programs and internal auditing (Gunns Limited, 2011b, p. 12);
  • The Bell Bay pulp mill project captured the company’s important plantation resources;

Gunns Future Programs

In the future, the company plan to align processes and systems to maintain the consistency of issues related to Operation Health and Safety (Gunns Limited, 2011b). Specific emphasis will be placed on reducing the number and frequency of workplace injuries, introducing high-quality medical treatment, and developing suitable processes for ensuring compliance and ownership of stakeholders.

Gunns Business in Australia and Overseas

The Australian market produces forest and timber products that are sold both domestically and abroad. China, Japan, and Albany are among the company’s main foreign partners. Specifically, Gunnes exports hardwood woodchips (about 50 %) to Albany and Japan and timber products to China (Gunns Limited, 2011b, p.16). The domestic business is centered mostly on South Australia and Victoria.

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