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The Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a new reality marked by great loss and grief. With social events such as weddings, meetings, family gatherings, and travelling cancelled or reduced to the minimum in the wake of the virus many people are feeling all alone. This is because individuals are no longer able to meet and socialize for fear of contracting the deadly virus and this is having a toll on them. Being confined at one place can be traumatizing as human beings are social creatures in nature. In the wake of the pandemic, jobs have been lost with businesses being closed down leading to financial losses and this is not helping the already stressed population as people are anxious about how they are going to survive through the pandemic without any sort of income. Worrying about the health of loved ones is another grief, and since a lot of people no longer meet physically people are worried how they are and if they are doing enough to protect them from the virus. On the same note, many people are dealing with the loss of loved ones due to the coronavirus and the worst thing is that they are not even able to attend the burials due to the movement restrictions put in place. Mourning alone is difficult and can even lead to mental breakdown and this is what many people who have lost relatives and close friends are going through.

Effect of covid-19 on health

Disruption of our normal routines in every day’s life brings about the uneasiness and sadness that almost everybody is experiencing at the moment. The same way people grief about divorces or loss of jobs, they are experiencing the same in the covid-19 era. The mental health of both the affected and those not affected by the virus is most compromised during this pandemic period. There are a number of factors contributing to this mental instability such as job losses, loss of loved ones, changes in every day’s routines, and fear of the future. All these have led to heightened stress and anxiety to individuals who think it’s too much for them to cope. To adjust to the new “normal” is overwhelming to many to a point that they are at a point of mental breakdown. Many are unable to cope with the drastic changes and some are contemplating on committing suicide to end all the suffering.

How to deal with Grief

Since it seems the virus will be with us for some time, people need to learn on how to deal with the grief they are experiencing. It doesn’t matter the kind of loss you are experiencing, just know that your feelings are valid and that you are not alone in all this. Not sure on how to manage your grief during this pandemic period? There are actually a number of things that may help you a lot.

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Reach out to friends and family

Guidelines from World Health Organization (WHO) discourages large crowds gatherings and unnecessary travelling, you might be tempted to avoid all your relatives and friends in the midst of your grief. Note that it is important to reach out even though not physically, you can do this through phone calls as well as through social internet networks such as Facebook, twitter, and Whatsapp where you can easily share your fears and worries. Getting in touch with loved ones also helps know how they are doing and thus you don’t constantly worry about them.

Find Support

In case you are struggling immense grief feelings like loss of a job, or death of a loved one, a mental health professional help may come in handy. Due to physical distancing recommended to fight the virus, many therapists are offering help through online platforms. Where you are having difficulties coping with the grief, you are advised to seek professional help before it drives you to depression or worse, to suicidal thoughts.

Explore coping techniques

Where you are not able to seek profession help, there are other ways that can help you cope with your loss at this duration by practicing coping strategies on your own. Some of the strategies include exercising, meditating, and, reading which can be detrimental in helping you to manage the anger, anxiety and stress you could be experiencing. These activities are helpful in the sense that they help you concentrate on other things rather than just sitting idle and wallowing in your grief.

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