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To sell a product most effectively, it is needed to choose the most optimal distribution channels for sales. Fortunately, there are several consumer groups in the considered case. These people differ in gender, age, level of technology proficiency, and other characteristics. All this gives quite ample opportunities for the choice of distribution channels. Each of these people will have their channel, so their combined use will bring the most positive results.

First, it is critical to understand how high the relevance of social networks is in the modern world. The largest part of advertising now functions in social networks. On the one hand, this is useful for the described case, since it provides ample opportunities for creating and distributing advertising. On the other hand, the amount of advertising is so significant now that it is challenging to reach the required customers and get them to buy a product. Therefore, it is necessary to competently approach budgeting, choice of platforms, and advertising content.

It is worth paying great attention to the social network Instagram, which allows not only advertising but also directly distributing of the product. At the same time, maintaining an Instagram account is relatively simple, since this social network is intuitive. Using Instagram is suitable for a young target audience that regularly spends time there and subscribes to tech accounts. These people use this social network to research potential products, so they can be nudged to buy without effort.

Another social network that can be used in the described case is Tik Tok. Now, this platform is one of the most popular in the world, so the importance of using it in any business cannot be denied. Undoubtedly, much of the content is intended for a young audience and is entertaining. However, some Tik Tok users are more mature and ready to shop. Moreover, this platform provides ample opportunities for creativity. In other words, if the product is presented creatively enough, then it will undoubtedly become desirable for the audience. In addition, a large number of views and interesting content can attract a completely unexpected audience, which will also have a positive effect on sales.

Much attention should be paid to the distribution of Go Kase through cell phone retailers. The people who visit the phone stores are undoubtedly the target audience for the case selling companies as well. Moreover, these are usually people who already want to buy something, so it will be much easier to deal with them. Another advantage is that these people are often quite solvent. Therefore, it is not the beautiful picture on the case that is more important to them, but its functionality, which is a distinctive feature of the Go Kase.

In addition, other retail stores can also help distribute cell phone cases. Although they may sell different products (household appliances or even food), they are full of the target audience. In other words, people who come to the store to buy an expensive TV will be willing to spend some more money on a bonus to their purchase: a case. However, it is undoubtedly necessary to choose the most cost-effective stores, which will help the seller avoid spending the budget on an audience that is completely uninterested in the product.

Particular attention should be paid to selective distribution, that is, to place cases only in those stores that are ready for specific conditions. It is vital to establish a good price for the cases and the quantity that the store undertakes to place on its shelves. This is the only way to count on a high level of sales and sufficient profit. By agreeing to unfavorable terms, the seller cannot recoup the costs, so it is essential to take this factor into account.

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