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Planning and risk assessment is essential part of management to deliver quality products to customers. In the two reviewed Global Green Books Publishing case studies, an example of how not having a plan leads to wasted time and money is illustrated. The management succumbed to conscious, subconscious, and affective factors at all stages of working with a new client, which negatively affected the result. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate the factors influencing decision-making and response to changing situations.

Risk perception is influenced by factors included in the groups of the conscious, subconscious, and effective. Conscious factors are visible and measurable, so they represent the characteristics of a rational assessment of a particular risk situation. In the case of Global Green Books Publishing, the company’s development was influenced by the lack of planning for the execution of specific tasks and necessary resources. First of all, unqualified specialists were hired to work, unable to provide high-quality book production. Moreover, there was no training for employees, which made it impossible to change the situation. Another important aspect is the mismanagement of money due to a large number of defects. Global Green Books Publishing did not match its capabilities with the customer’s requirements, which resulted in an unsatisfactory outcome. Thus, conscious factors include a lack of planning and unqualified employees, which could be eliminated by performing a risk assessment.

Subconscious factors include various cognitive biases based on previous experience. In the case of Global Green Books Publishing, that aspect was the successful work with two large customers in the first two years of the company’s existence. Based on the experience of doing business with them, management neglected to assess the potential risks before working with a local college. Thus, the specifics of different structures, their requirements, and needs were not examined.

Affective factors include emotions and intuitive actions that influence the individual’s response to a particular situation. When Global Green Books Publishing started having problems producing quality products and on-time deliveries, management panicked. They tried to rush to correct the situation, spending money and time eliminating defects in the finished product. Thus, they did not think rationally but succumbed to emotions, which led to the impossibility of making certain changes in the company, then leading to a satisfactory result.

Awareness of conscious, subconscious, and affective factors influences the choice between outside vendors and part-time employees. Careful planning and risk assessment can help determine the skill level required for the job. If it is high, then it is more rational to give the job to an outside employee who already has the required experience and can provide quality products and guarantees. In the case of part-time employees, it is necessary to conduct training if there is time for it. However, as mentioned, subconscious factors often give a falsely clear vision of the situation, which leads to a lack of planning. Affective factors do not allow to respond to changes in the situation and act strategically adequately. An awareness of all three groups is crucial for effective management. Thus, stated factors can improve risk management by identifying weaknesses in planning and resource use. They can also help examine the needs for specific skills and types of employees. On the whole, conscious, subconscious, and affective factors determine how an individual perceives a risky situation and responds to it, as a result of which he will be more calculating and rational.

The answers to the questions on the cases in the post of my classmate seemed detailed and reasonable. Pointing to the lack of planning in the company, he emphasizes its importance for risk management. The need for qualified workers and the development of their skills is also mentioned as essential. Finally, planning guidelines seem thoughtful and appropriate. A fairly simple, but at the same time, an effective solution to the problem described in the cases has been proposed.

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