Complete a detailed research paper by answering the following questions in an eight to ten page paper with at least eight sources and your course textbook. All sources must be properly cited and referenced. The assignment must be APA compliance. 1. What leadership models are most effective in today’s organizations and why? 2. Give specific examples of different situations where you used different styles. In your opinion, is there one leadership style that applies to everyone and every situation? 3. Provide an example of a leader, their leadership style, and the leadership qualities that appeal to you and why you chose that particular leader. 4. Identify and describe the leader you want to become based on the knowledge you have gained during this course. 5. What current company would your leadership qualities enhance organizational productivity and why?6. How will you transform yourself into the leader you want to become or enhance your current leadership qualities? Paper Writing Requirements8-10 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)Full APA formatInclude proper citations and references in the paperUse the page break featureNo Plagiarism

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