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 Hungry and want to pour yourself fresh milk into your cereal bowl? What if I told you that that milk probably came from a cow that was injected with RBGH, a type of hormone, that’s synthesized from genetically modified bacteria? It’s 2019 and I feel embarrassed to have to inform you that we have the right to know what’s in our food. The United States does not mandate labelling of genetically modified foods, which most of us know as GMOs. GMOS are plants or animals that have had their make-up altered to exhibit traits that are not naturally their own, which is accomplished by the transfer of genetic material from one species to another that cannot happen in nature (Harmon, 2018).

We, as consumers, should have the right to choose. According to Eric Schlosser, from Food Inc, 70 percent of processed food in the supermarkets has some genetically modified ingredient. Genetically modified crops in the U.S. include soy (94 %), cotton (90 %), canola (90 %), sugar beets (95 %), corn (88 %), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50 %) (Fergusson, 2019). Basically, what this means is that over 75 percent of the processed foods we’re eating now contains genetically modified materials. Gross.

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GMO products should be labeled because we have the right to choose whether we want to eat genetically modified organisms or not. A 2003 ABC news survey showed that, ‘majorities of Americans favor mandatory labeling 92 percent for genetically modified foods, and 85 percent for food from farm animals that have been fed hormones or antibiotics.” In a 2007 University of Houston Survey, indicated that people want choice. ‘…More than 90 percent of those surveyed supported the labeling of genetically modified foods, 68 percent indicated that such labeling was needed, and 50 percent felt that not labeling genetically modified food products was a violation of the consumer’s rights (Fergusson, 2019).” The simple truth is that most people want the right to choose what they eat and what they feed their families. For consumers to make informed decisions, the public deserves a truthful marketplace.

Now that I’ve talked about the risks of not having GMO foods labeled, I have chosen a policy that will protect our health by having labeling requirements. This would make it possible for people to make smarter eating choices for themselves. I believe that the government should label Genetically modified products. If this policy is adopted, consumers will know what’s in what they are purchasing and it could help people begin to care about what they’re eating because the GMO labeling would involve producers to inform the consumers if plant-based ingredients were modified with animal DNA in some way. We need labeling because we’re introducing new bacteria, new genetic material, and new proteins in our foods that have never been before. Labeling which products have GMOS will allow consumers to have knowledge and be able to choose a product they feel is best for their lifestyle and values. GMO labeling will allow for a stronger relationship between producer and consumer. A stronger relationship will allow the trust of farmers by consumers.

Everyday shoppers may not notice genetically modified organisms exist and the negative impact it may inflict on them until we label them. And to achieve this goal, I urge you guys adopt this labeling policy. By adding labels to GM products, it will be easier for vegetarians, vegans, and those who practice certain religions to determine whether a product has been altered with animal DNA. After the problem is solved, consumers would determine what they would prefer to purchase and multiple countries around the world have some sort of labeling requirement when it comes to GM foods. In fact, 64 countries require labeling of GMO and 14 countries have even banned GMOS (Labeling around the world). With everyone’s cooperation, the FDA is required to the people, to make us aware of ingredients that change the food that is not obvious to us. Our federal government’s failure to mandate labeling is a complete breach of its responsibility to the people and I want to remind you that we have a role in making that happen. Now let’s work together and get our foods labeled. 

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