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This is a short fictional story about life on the planet Venus where it rains continuously day in day out. The sun disappeared five years ago, and the children are anticipating seeing the sun. The nine-year-old children do no really remember how the sun looked like because they were still too young. The scientists had predicted that the sun was going to come out after all those years but only for a brief moment. These children carry out a lot of activities in school that are related to the sun like poems.

Margot is one of the children, but she lived on the planet earth for five years. Therefore she has a lot of memories about the sun. She writes a poem about the sun and tries to explain the sun to the children, but they mock her instead. She refuses to participate in any activity that does not involve the sun; she sits staring at the window. She appears depressed, and rumors have it that her parents intend to send her back to Earth. The other children are upset with her because she is different. They seized and overpowered her then locked her in a closet. The teacher came back, and the children exited through the tunnel leaving Margot behind. Soon afterward the sun appears, and the children run around enjoying the sun.

Then one of the girls starts crying, in her hand, there is a significant raindrop. The sun disappears, and the rain falls harder. The children stop for a while reflecting on how they had enjoyed the past hour. They re-enter the tunnel heading back to their class. One of the children cries out recalling that Margot was still in the closet. She had been in the closet the entire time that the sun was out. Embarrassed, they let her out, and she slowly emerges from the cabinet.

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In the last answer, a short fictional story by Isaac Asimov, Murray Templeton who is an atheist physicist dies of a heart attack. The human mind then finds itself existing as an electromagnetic nexus. He meets the Voice, a being of infinite knowledge who has similar characteristics to God. The human brain decides that such an existence is pointless and vain so it looks for ways to destroy itself. The nearly omnipotent being explained to him that such an attempt would be futile as the omnipotent being would reinstate him as a new. The story attempts to account for the essence of God and how he relates to man.

In Ponies a short story by Kij Johnson, Barbara has a pony with wings and a horn just like every other girl but to be friends with the other girls, she has to give up something. She has to cut off the wings of her pony. The story creates a metaphor about children who go to great lengths to fit in with the rest. People who would do something they do not want to do because that is what other people want.

These stories use science fiction and fantasy to relay their message. Bradbury made Margot experience bullying showing the resemblance to society today. Margot was different from the rest of the children because of her many experiences in the sun that she misses causing her to be depressed. This emphasizes that individuality due to a person’s knowledge or even opinion encounters discrimination like in the case of Margot. Society should aim to accept individuals and not oppress them because of different views.

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