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To successfully implement changes in product names and assortment, it is necessary to design the sampling design carefully. In the case of Maria’s Bakery, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the lifestyle of the different ethnic groups as the population of the area changes. The questionnaire method is most appropriate in the case under consideration with Maria’s Bakery, which will not create separate sampling plans for each population group and will get precise survey results.

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For the Latin American population of Brighton, the area where the bakery is located, a cluster sample can be used. In this scenario, randomized clusters may be chosen, for example, areas with a large Latin American population. Interviewing households in these areas can be an effective cluster for conclusions. However, there is no point in creating a separate sampling scheme for other ethnic groups. The development of plans to control production data requires a particular allocation, so it is essential to consider all possible ways of collecting data (Al-Omari et al., 2021). Thus, more specifically, the research question is the same for each group, so there is no point in changing the way production data are examined, and the questionnaire can only be adapted to language needs.

The best method for collecting data in the case of a bakery is to survey, as data from many people can be collected in a short amount of time. It is also essential that this method is flexible and can be conducted both online and during an interview. The following questions can be approximate questions of this questionnaire:

  1. Did you previously know about Maria’s Bakery?
  2. What kind of pastry would you like to see in the bakery?
  3. What kind of products do you buy most often?
  4. Would you instead visit the bakery if it changed the variety and name?

Such surveys can be efficiently conducted on the Internet and personally for older people who need to be more technologically proficient.


In conclusion, the questionnaire will allow Maria’s Bakery to learn more about the preferences of its customers and make the correct statistics. The flexibility of the survey will enable it to be conducted both online and offline and does not require separate plans for different population groups. Given these factors, it is possible to create an ideal sampling scheme for the case, containing all the necessary actions for the mass collection of opinions.


Al-Omari, A. I., Almanjahie, I. M., & Dar, J. G. (2021). Acceptance sampling plans under two-parameter Quasi Shanker distribution ensure mean life with an application to manufacturing data. Science Progress, 104(2). Web.

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