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The importance of a satisfied and productive workforce is highlighted in the benefits that follow this phenomenon. Namely, a team in which turnover and burnout are low while motivation and satisfaction are high is more likely to be proficient in achieving the organizational objectives. As a result, employees implement various measures that have been linked to the aforementioned positive results. One technique that has recently been discussed more widely is transitioning to a 4-day working week instead of the 5-day one. The employment of said strategy, while seemingly adversely affecting productivity, is linked to a variety of favorable circumstances for the workforce and, as a result, employers. In this paper, it will be exemplified that creating a compulsory four-day work week within the Caribbean will be beneficial as it increases productivity and creates a better working environment for all employees.

Creating a compulsory four-day workweek within the Caribbean will be beneficial as it decreases employee burnout and increases productivity. A four-day workweek is, indeed, a schedule that is yet to be widely introduced in most companies. However, the existing data on the subject suggests it can be an excellent solution to existing problems. For example, researchers highlight that employees perceive the transition as favorable (Delaney & Casey, 2021). Namely, they are less likely to experience burnout and decreased productivity. As a result, the companies themselves will not have to solve issues related to low efficiency and employee satisfaction. Thus, despite evidence showing that a four-day workweek may cause economic losses, the replenished productivity correlating with the change can minimize such gaps (Spencer, 2022). Needless to say, the transition is complex as it has not yet become the common schedule upon which employees operate. However, current evidence highlights that the experiences that firms have with the four-day workweek approach have been beneficial for the internal corporate environment and the workforce.


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