Consider yourself a marketing manager working in a Saudi Company. Your company has just launched a new product. The CEO asked from you to send a sales and promotion letter to the most important client of the company. This is to present the new product and persuade the managers to purchase it.1- Select any real product/service from Saudi market that you want to study.2- Write a sales and promotion letter to the most important client (preferably choose business-to-business example) of your company. Try to persuade the managers of this client-company to purchase the product by respecting the following instructions:- Spark the imagination and curiosity of the client – Announce the new product/service of your company- Describe the different attributes and features of the new product and its functionality, specificity, added value…- Express appreciation and goodwill- Specify exactly what the client should do to test or acquire the product and when3- Use some visual aids for the presentation of the product and its features (pictures, graphics, flowchart, cutaway …) Notes:* The sales and promotion letter must respect the form as studied in the chapter 8 (p.229).* The number of words of your letter should be from 700 to 1000.* Use a maximum of 2 visual aids.

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