The Excel Homework is based on Personal Finance Knowledge. If I had to rate its problems from 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest), I would rate the first problem as 1, the second one – as 2 and a half, and the third one – as 3 and a half.

The first problem, you will need the six data which named HW5-1, HW5-2, HW5-3, HW5-4, HW5-5, HW5-6. Due to the limited number of attachments uploaded, I will send it to you after you receive the order.

You are asked to figure out only one new Excel feature on your own that applies to the last two problems: how to populate an entire table in two moves after having done computation in a single cell.

The three question are required complete in one Excel, but three separate pages, page named as question1, question2, question3.

More Information is in the picture.

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