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Everyone has a different worldview whether it is his or her religion or law. However, just because we listen and read about other religions does not mean we follow and believe them. I will add that a worldview helps me to understand life and reality in different parts of the world. People need to have a worldview to understand their purpose in life. Questions and Answers from my Own Worldview Perspective Who is God and what are His Characteristics? Christians believe that God created the universe and all within. He is the almighty.

We are welcomed into a relationship with Him so that we will get to now Him personally, and intimately. “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this: that he understand and knows me, that am Lord, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,” declares the Lord. (Jeremiah 9:23,24) What is a Human Being and what Happens When One Dies? The scripture reads that God created man and woman in the image of Him.

When He created us, he gave us a soul and spirit. Our body exists as a shell; our soul is our inner feelings such as our emotions. The spirit is our mind, where we hear the whisper of God leading us in the right directions of our life. Believe that when we die the body is returned to the earth and our soul continues to live on with God. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was; and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. (Ecclesiastic 12:7) What is the Nature of the Universe? Christians know that God created the universe according to His will. Now my worldview affects everything I believe about God, marriage, education and he way we raised our children. He created all that is and all that will be forever in the universe. No matter what other views exist, Christians know that God created the Heaven and the earth, which is the universe. God allows His children to see His creations according to his Word and it is up to Christians to have a relationship with Him (Salesladies, 2013). How do You Know What You Know? How do you Know what is True? While growing up my grandparents taught me the family right from wrong.

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I also know what I know by attending church, listening to the pastor, and reading the Bible. This class has taught me about worldviews had never heard of before. It also taught me different ways to understand and research the Bible. I know what I know because God created me to be all I can be and to follow my dreams by practicing the power of positive direction Sakes, 2008). This is how know what I know. What is Right and Wrong or How can We Know there is a Right from Wrong? Knowing right and wrong should not be an issue for any Christian. Christians know that the Word is right and that there is no other alternative.

Knowing that you have a healthy relationship with God is right enough for e. People can listen to who and whatever they want to receive the Word, but until they open the Holy Bible and receive it for themselves, they will not know the difference (Wright, 2004). Is Life Pointless or is there Purpose? I believe that God created everything and everyone for His purpose. I also believe Christians given this gift of love to serve only Him for His purposes. With this said all of Gods’ children are here for a reason, some find their reason sooner than others do, but as long as I believe and trust in Him will find my way in life.

I believe that all things God works for good with those who love Him, those whom he has called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) What Core Commitments are Consistent with my Worldview? Impact on My Life? The core commitments and consistencies in my life consist of my spiritual life, family, and education. These are the areas in my life try to keep consistent. Being a consistent person really helps because not only do I have to pay attention to my education I have to pay attention to my sons’ as well. Do my best to keep Christ at the forefront or our life.

Making this decision is meeting I try to day everyday (Jakes, 2008) My Worldview Compared to the Christian Worldview I try to take time from each day to read His word so that can continue my relationship with Him. Also try to help my family live by His word also, by sharing what have learned. There are times when I may find myself drifting away from the Word. That is when I have a little talk with Jesus. Because I know, He will keep me on the path to righteousness. Therefore, I really believe my worldview is one of a Christian worldview. Reflecting on My Worldview How does my Worldview Perform in the Tests of Worldviews?

Any Christian, who knows God, knows that He is the measure of all things. In addition, we should be God-centered He is the reason why we are here today and the reason why we believe in His laws. Everyone seems to have his or her own worldview about the universe. A Christian worldview is all know and am happy for that experience. As for the other worldviews, I cannot put myself in the position to judge them Sakes, 2008). How does my Worldview affect my Thoughts and Actions? During this class, found that my Christian worldview affects my thoughts and my actions.

I know that I am whom I am because of Him and I do my est. to serve Him by being patient and kind to others, because I want others to be kind to me. I also do my best to listen to the whisper in my soul as I know it is Him talking and leading me in the right direction as make decisions during the day and night. He is the keeper of my heart and know this (Jakes, 2008). How has my Worldview Changed over the Course of this Class? My worldview advanced while in this class. This class was not as difficult as I thought once I got over the anxious feeling. Enjoyed connecting the scriptures together and summarizing the passages.

There Was a lot Of reading, but I understood the questions better once read the information. I must say that learned more in this class about the Bible than had ever known and I am thankful for those seven weeks of reading, writing, and discussions. This class has helped me understand that I do have a worldview and that it is not just an opinion (Wright, 2004). Conclusion This essay has helped me open my eyes to my own worldview. First, I described the worldview assumptions as it applied to my life and me. Several questions were answered as they related to my worldview.

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