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Identify and justify the strengths and weaknesses of at least 3 Filipino values


Family orientation, Filipinos are very popular in terms of family. Because Filipino family includes a big family we’re in one family you have your Lola, grandparents, your mother, your father, and the children, your nieces and nephews, and so on. So a Filipino family has quite a huge family orientation or the sense of family outcomes and a feeling of belongingness and rootedness in a primary sense of security of mail. That you’re part of something that is wherein you host any individual feel inside your home. We Filipinos are recognized for our commitment and responsibility, honor and respect given to our parents and elders, given to the children the generosity towards skin in need, and great sacrifices.

It is the ability to engage with others with respect regardless of the variations of opinion, age, and to, hers. There are certain obligations that a person can do on your personal and they help others needed. Therefore it became also a tool to make things lighter in addition to acquiring a common intention or he advised to use for for society of the Filipino people are very widely known for being helpful and generous.

Joy and humor as the flexible Filipino will modify that tire the consequences of our being happy activities are never overly disturbing or disorienting. As the bendy Filipino modifies to something occurs we possess a tolerance for ambiguity that allows us to remain and fazed through uncertainty or lack of information. We are creative, resourceful, adaptive learning, and capable of improvising and making use of something at hand that will create and produce.

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Filipinos are impatient and lengthy separate are too effortlessly resigned to one’s fate. There is powerful reliance on others. For example, we tend to only matter about our economic increase or our state of affairs to the government or our leaders to do matters for us associated with or want for a sturdy authority colonial mentality.

Filipinos have an egocentric self-serving attitude which generates a feeling of empty phrases others especially want to have for remaining but now not believe, and a lack of self-evaluation and self-reflection in the face of serious problems. Though, personal and social. There is an inclination in the Filipino to be superficial and even somewhat flighty, joking about the most used things prevents us from searching deeply into the problem. There’s no felt to validate our hypothesis or explanations of things, just to be satisfied with superficial factors and superficial solutions to the problem.

Lack of discipline, The Filipino’s lack of self-discipline encompasses several associated characteristics. We have a casual and cosy mindset closer to the time and space which manifests itself in lack of precision and compulsiveness. In terrible time management and procrastination, we’ve got an aversion to following strictly a set of approaches which outcomes in a lack of standardisation and first-rate control. We are impatient and unable to delay gratification or reward, resulting in the use of shortcuts, skirting the policies or the palace of syndrome, and in full hardiness. We are guilty of being a college board and we start tasks with full vigor and hobby which abruptly tie down leaving matters unfinished. Or lack of self-discipline often results in inefficient and wasteful work systems. The violation of policies foremost to greater indispensable discretions in an informal work ethic fundamental to carelessness and a lack of a look at thought.

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