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Usually, for personal statements like this, people start with a quote from someone they idolize a lot, based on their career choices. I would like to start on why I chose to study fashion. For me, fashion is something we all manage regularly in our day-to-day lives. Indeed, even individuals who are laid-back about what they wear every day portray a message of what they actually are and how they feel on that particular day. In the world of fashion, there is always a change. From new style thoughts of music to books, people are always being besieged with ideas.

Fashion for me is not only a passion but a fluctuation of who I intend to be to make me feel good about myself. My love for fashion started when I started exposing my inner creativity through styling. My inner creativity is likewise a sort of veil that gives me a chance to show who I am and what I feel. The fact that the impact of styling has transited me to see myself as innately significant is beyond my confidence, and this is why I would like to do a course in creative direction and marketing.

This course is essential to me since fashion has additionally affected me through social extensions. I had recently volunteered and worked for two big musical productions in my school. My role was to be both – a backstage crew member and a makeup and hair stylist. While performing my job, I figured out how to improve my confidence and relational aptitudes.

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Since, fashion marketing and creative style is a focused field, undertaking BTEC Business for my IB Career Related Program has helped me boost my time management skills by meeting various deadlines. I preferred the fragments about marketing, where I found out about what the marketing mix was and the different marketing research, plans, and strategies. My study of film in my IB program has enabled me to investigate my creativity in media.

Outside school, my fundamental advantages in fashion are basically browsing through various blogs in huge companies such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue to find out about new fashion trends that have happened every year. This empowers me to express thoughts and ideas, which I accept will enable me to enhance this course. I have likewise been traveling a lot lately and can see a wide range of societies and views of style and fashion in various nations.

Fashion is not just an interest, it is something I would really like to dedicate my professional life to. I really hope that all my efforts will be justified and I will be able to fully realize myself in this field and achieve success. And in-depth studying within the course of creative direction and marketing, I believe, is the right step on the way to this.

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