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What is revealed about human nature?

According to Genesis chapters one and two, human nature is revealed as free from evil. The chapters reveal that God is holy and everything he does is holy. This implies that God only associates with holy creation. In Genesis one, God created Heaven and Earth by His word and later created a man from dust and breathe in life. Human nature was in the likeness of God himself (Genesis 2:7). God placed him in the Garden of Eden. God wanted Adam to work the land and serve him (Genesis 2:15). Adam and Eve were to help God fill the earth by multiplying and taking care of the earth and the creations. In His sovereignty, God created man, as he wanted. God created man distinct from other creations. He wanted man to remain good as from the beginning (Genesis 1:10-21). The man was created free from evil, was innocent of any sin, and was loved, God. Therefore, man is born free from sin and guilty of sin just as Adam and Eve were at the creation (Shuster, 2013).

What are the consequences of the Fall for human nature?

According to the Bible, God wanted Adam and Eve to be holy and free from evil while they stayed on earth. He even warned them of eating from the fruit of the forbidden tree of the middle of the Garden of Eden. God told Adam and Eve eating the fruit would cause them to die. When Satan convinced Eve to disobey God and she ate the fruit of the tree of wisdom, God punished them all. Satan lied to Eve that they would be like God and will gain moral sense to know good and evil. This marked the Fall of Man. The very first consequence was Death. Adam and Eve died spiritually and were promised death physically. This was to apply to Adam, Eve, and all their generations. Humans also became morally corrupt. The would always try to invent something new. This has matured human beings from a state of being animal-like to becoming like gods. A woman was denied authority over a man and equal share before God. God increased her childbearing pain and made enmity between her offspring and the snake. Adam was to work hard and till the land to make food.

What does it mean for humans to achieve spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being?

The reading from Genesis reveals that God created a man to be like him. he wanted man to relate with Him continuously and obey His commands. Adam was to preserve the facilities and qualities bestowed in him. when Eve began to listen to Satan, it can imply that man wanted to test the world outside what God had designed for them. Man doubted God in the end and believed Satan. The man began to experiment with God’s creations and went away from His guidance. Curiosity made them test the forbidden fruit. Satan presented a temptation that man was able to conquer if they remained faithful to the guidelines of God. Temptations presented by Satan planted evil desires in Eve and thus gave birth to disobedience, which resulted to sin. This text reveals that curiosity led to evil desires that bore sin. To attain spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing, human beings must desist all evil desires, sin, and surrender to God’s will and guidance. In this case, they will be aligned to God’s values, will attain great relief, and shall flourish (Azadegan, 2013).

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The question of human nature, purpose, and flourishing might be considered different by pantheistic or atheistic. According to me, spirits control the pantheistic worldview, the world. The subjects were to adhere to the directions and values of the gods. As a man disobeyed God he gained moral values and grew opportunistic, thus developing greed and evil desires, which are his moral values. However, pantheism would not support Adam and Eves’s actions produced by curiosity. Therefore, humanity flourish demands that they follow their values to attain postmodernism.


Human Trafficking

The exposure to consequences of the fall of humanity has caused the current man to grow so wild and greed to the extent that he can sell a fellow being and use others in any form to satisfy his evil desires. Human trafficking is one of the world-dehumanizing acts that is evident all around the world. Many countries have laws that ban human trafficking but individuals and companies continue to operate underground in an organized group to abduct children and youths for sale to individuals and companies for cheap or free labor and sexual enticement. Human beings enslave other human beings and treat them like animals without considering the morality of their actions. The cause of these acts is reduced moral consciousness brought about by sin. According to Reid et al. (2017), human trafficking is triggered by increasing production costs and hard economic situations and thus many people choose to look for alternative sources for cheap labor. Others enter into the business to look for high earning source of income. They, therefore, obtain teens and youths through various means free of charge and sell them to rich individuals or companies abroad for a huge amount of money. Statistics reveal that in 2012, over 24,500 cases of human trafficking were reported in America, with 3,856 cases trafficked for labor (Dolan, 2017).

Preventing or stopping human trafficking is very difficult. It can however be achieved with community sensitization, empowerment, and formulation of policies and laws that will promote powerful surveillance and punishment of perpetrators. Empowering the community on the causes, vulnerable population, strategies used to promote the business, and the consequences that victims suffer from can help identify perpetrators. Strict surveillance and legal structure to punish any involvement hat leads to human trafficking will help scare away activities involving human trade. Again, it is good to value God’s values of considering it a sin against humanity. We are all equal and no one should serve another person in slavery. This will help cultivate a moral understanding of the nature of the sin of human trafficking is and its consequences. This viewpoint also helps the communities be responsive to another and ensure that every individual in society is protected from any form of human trade. Pictures of human beings tied up and on transit, human beings on forced labor, and mistreatments they receive will reveal the actual situation of human trade in the world (Dolan, 2017).


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