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We all are aware of the phrase ‘failure is the first step towards success’, but have you ever thought about it, what does it mean? Friends’ failure doesn’t mean we are not capable but it can be we didn’t the things in the proper manner and we need to work on it.

Failure is the first step towards success” is one of the most heard quotes and is again and again told to us in every step of life, but how often do we realize its importance or live by its mantra? Honestly, we don’t! We just expect the fruit to come to us without working over its plant.

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Failure is not just in studies, a person can fail in many ways at different places, positions, etc. A person may have failed in his love life, his start-up plans, or expressing his feelings or thoughts, but this doesn’t mean we should sit and cry or start blaming others as well as god. Instead, we should plan things properly and work on them and make them a success. According to me, failure is of course a first step towards success as we come to know we aren’t perfect and we need to make things work properly and even we need to boost ourselves and motivate ourselves that we can do our best. Failing for the first time doesn’t mean committing suicide and even failing for years doesn’t mean we are useless, according to we should always positively take failure and start improving ourselves.

The three foundations of learning: Seeing more, suffering more & studying more.”

I think if we fail then we are lagging in something, all of you might have a question, how? I will give you a small example of one of my friends, she was living in the hostel as she belonged to the village, she was a daughter she was pampered a lot she used to attend school in the moring and coaching in the evening. She got addicted to city life and she started wasting her time. When we all started telling her to start studying she would reply I would start in the last 20 days. After the exam she went to her village her father was ill and died. Pihu is an only child she needs to take all responsibility for her family. After a few days, the result came and she failed. Friends I just want to let you know this type of failure is our mistake and we can’t blame anyone for it. Failure always helps us to do things in a better and perfect way positively take failure and keep trying.

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