Please write 7 pages of the essay and use the simple language. It is a text analysis of news reports (newspapers, television
reports, radio news) on a drug-related at regional, national, international, or transnational
level. The topic is quite open (from the involvement of Elvis Presley in media campain
against drugs up to the Opium Crisis). You need to collect, at least, seven reports on your
case study, analyze the news framing (i.e., the journalist perspectives, the language,
pictures and/or images that come along with the report). You also need to discuss your
topic through academic lenses. In other words, you need to collect data from academic
sources to compare/contrast/criticize what and how journalists have reported your case
You can also analyze political commentary (news editorials, political radio talk, etc.), but
you need to have a clear differentiation between them and news reports. I will send
Annotated Bibliography, please follow the sources and write the essay. Thanks

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