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For companies that operate in creative industries, the presence of new and innovative ideas that capture the attention of consumers is a must. The same has been true for Company X, and its managers have been successful in facilitating the creative potential of their employees. One of the most critical elements for achieving success in business is being customer-focused. Company X offers its consumers a means for visual entertainment. However, in order to be customer-oriented, the company needs to prioritize the comfort and motivation of its employees because it is the ordinary artists and graphics professionals who are accountable for the quality of an end-product. Therefore, for Company X, caring for its employees has been a method of focusing on customers. The company’s success can be explained by the fact that the organization has valued the visions and aspirations of all workers.

Organizational culture is a reflection of the priorities and values of a company. It seems that a mix of adhocracy, adaptability, and person culture has been at the core of Company X’s practices. Adhocracy is the opposite of bureaucracy – while the latter puts strict limitations on the responsibilities and capacities of employees, adhocracy takes a liberal approach (Driskill, 2018). In this culture, employees are encouraged to be creative and share their vision with other team members and managers. Person culture means that an employee is viewed not as a means for achieving organizational objectives but as an indivisible part of that company (Driskill, 2018). That is why ordinary employees are called associates instead of being called subordinates. Company X has also shown adaptive readiness – the company is ready to change its direction if a favorable and sound idea is proposed by an employee. This attitude creates a necessary space for innovation and revolutionary products.


Driskill, G. W. (2018). Organizational culture in action: A cultural analysis workbook. Routledge.

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