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Facebook is a social networking site based in California, formerly names as FaceMash, used for you to easily connect and communicate with people online. It was launched on February 4, 2004, by its creator, Mark Zuckerberg. Its purpose was to help people become more aware of what was happening in the world. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to help people understand the world better. He wanted to create an environment where people could freely share and express any information they wanted. Making the world open was the main purpose of this application. In order to spread this advocacy more, Facebook Messenger was created. Facebook Messenger is a messaging app specially designed for Facebook users, originally developed as Facebook Chat in 2008. Its service was further developed in 2010.

Facebook has recently released a new version of Messenger, which is the new Facebook Messenger 4. The purpose of the messenger is to connect to people and instant messaging. It’s all about the easier-to-use and simple access messaging. The new update which includes color gradient chat bubbles, aim to provide more choices of personalization for their users. It provides easier ways to navigate through the application; powerful and new ways to personalize your conversations keeps things familiar and was created with the audience or users in mind. Messenger’s recent update focuses on how it would be easier for the user to find the features they like and allows the user to further personalize and bring out the creativity in the shared conversation. The redesign aims to make the chat client simpler. Nine tabs reduced to three that is easier to use. Chats are still filled with all of the functionality that’s come to Messenger (such as games, bots, and reminders), but much of this is now hidden behind a new four-dot. The last versions have plenty of icons to press and quite complex. The update of Messenger aims to satisfy the audience request and that is to use the application the messenger uncomplicatedly, able to navigate their messages, reminders and daily story.

Improvements are necessary for terms of mobile applications. Constant updates are important to ensure that the application satisfies the users. Recently, the messenger application had a new update that focused on the overhaul of the user interface. Upon updating, many users recognized the pros and cons of the new version. In the new update, many users were pleased due to the application becoming easier to navigate. From nine tabs, the navigation buttons were simplified to three tabs only which are the Chats, People, and Discover tabs. Another visible improvement was the cleaner and more user-friendly interface. The messenger’s design has a high contrast because the background is mainly white and the texts are mostly black in color. The placing of icons is also well-organized and a search button is present for easy accessibility of old messages. There is also a noticeable improvement in the quality of stickers, emojis, and emoticon. The newer version loads photos, gif, and other files relatively faster than the older version because of its simpler interface. Another upside of this update is that the file size of it is smaller than the previous version. Lags, glitches, and bugs significantly lessened in the updated messenger. For users who love the personalization, additional chat colors were included in the update. These additional colors consist of ombre pink, green, blue, orange, and blue-green.

But not all of the updates were pleasing to users. One significant downside of the update is that it no longer has a shortcut specifically allotted for group chats. This lessened the accessibility for older group chats because the user still needs to search for the name of their group in order to find it. Another disappointing fact is that the placing of advertisements was not improved and they are still alongside the messages which add confusion. There is also no improvement in terms of the degrading quality when uploading or sending photos using messenger which can be solved by placing a specific button that enables users to send original quality photos. Lastly, the biggest disappointment is that the promised dark mode stated by the developers before the update was not included. The dark mode is supposed to change the color of the messenger app to a completely black theme that makes it easier to view it in low lighting condition.

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There are a lot of messaging applications available nowadays. Because of this, the demand to be able to satisfy users is heightened. Two of the most trusted messaging apps with video calling options are Facebook Messenger and Apple Inc. Facetime. These two applications are both compatible with IOS. The Facetime advantage to the messenger is that it has a smaller app size of 16.8MB than the 33MB file size of the messenger. Unfortunately, Facetime is not compatible with android devices and it does not support widgets, unlike Messenger. Messenger, on the other hand, is compatible with android and windows phone too. Messenger has fun stickers for people to choose from. Lastly, Messenger can send videos and capture photos that Facetime do not offer.

Messaging app is very important in today’s time because a lot of people are far from their loved ones. This encourages developers to make more on the messaging app. One of the messaging apps is Kakaotalk. It is a mobile instant messaging application with free text and call features. Kakaotalk is smaller in app size relative to its competitor Messenger for both IOS app which has a file size of 27.1MB and Android which has a file size of 13MB. It also has a built-in translator useful for discovering people when messaging. But messenger has its advantages too. The messenger has features such as commenting and tagging that Kakaotalk does not have. This means you can share content quickly and easily engage with a community. It is also helpful because you can message any people who are using the app. Another advantage is that android messenger has chat heads that are very convenient. Apart from their differences, the two also have similarities. They both feature personalization of chats that is useful for group chats. Lastly, they both can capture and send photos and videos that are important for people to be able to share what they are experiencing to their loved ones who are apart from them.

It is essential to be able to communicate with other people. One importance of Facebook Messenger in our daily lives is that it serves as a medium to be able to communicate with people, local or international. Also, this app sends messages instantly to people needed to be contacted. Another importance is that it can send photos and videos of significant events to our beloved ones that are far from us. Connecting to other parts of the country is hard but with the messenger, we are able to do that and also discover other people across the globe. As a student, there are plenty of requirements required in school specifically group works that demands being able to contact members of the group and with this app, students can send different types of files in messenger. Lastly, the messenger is also an additional form of entertainment for people who are idle and are experiencing boredom with the use of its built-in games.

The messenger app seems to be a necessity nowadays. A lot of people are using it to communicate with their loved ones, friends, and acquaintances. The messenger app is continuing to improve to fulfill the needs of the users in terms of communication. In further improving the application, there is always a battle between pros and cons. And for this update, there were a lot of improvements like the cleaner and better-looking interface, lesser lags and glitches, faster loading of the application and the additional chat colors for personalization. But there are also downsides like the omission of shortcuts of group chats, no improvement in terms of the placement of advertisements and degrading quality of photos, and unfulfilled promises of new features. Overall, the pros of the new Facebook Messenger update outweigh the cons. Even though there are still features lacking in the update there is always room for improvement in the mobile application world. Let’s just hope that the future updates overturn the cons of the latest version.

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