For this homework assignment, please identify at least four main human-caused factorsdriving the sixth extinction that we are currently experiencing and make an argument as to which one is the most important human-caused factor that is causing a massive extinction event in our time. Are there any solutions that can be proposed to preserve biodiversity?

As you make your case, be certain to reference a recent (within 10 years) peer-reviewed scientific research article that supports your argument.

During your argument, you should explain how the other human-caused factors you noted are not as important as the one main factor that you chose based on actual data. That is, compare and contrast the factors and justify your argument in at least 800 words. Please include your article’s full citation and DOI. Be certain to paraphrase properly here (see the Writing Resource pages in the Modules if you need help with paraphrasing). Please remember to include in-text citations! Arguments must be supported by data. 

Peer reviews for this assignment will open up later that evening after the close of the assignment. Please complete peer reviews within 7 days.

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