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Did you play sports as a child? If you did you probably gained a lot from them even if you didn’t realize it at the time. Sports teach kids many things they will use in the future. They will also have several health benefits. It’s important for kids to try sports because it will open a door for them by helping them make friends, get in shape, and even more. The benefits of youth sports far outweigh the risks. In sports, you learn many things, like how to work with other people or stay in shape and maintain your weight. But there are many factors that play a role in making your experience worthwhile.

When kids are playing sports, the main focus should be having fun and enjoying their time in that sport. When the kids have fun, they start to set goals for themselves and their team. Even if the goal is just to get better or win the next game, it teaches them to work for the things they want not only in sports but life itself.

Through sports, many opportunities present themself to make new friends. Some of these friends will be people you would have never met otherwise but someone you’ll have forever. As the kids play sports their interests will widen along with their friends. They will want to try new things and will figure out what they like. They may try new sports which will help them avoid being burnt out the others.

“Sports allow kids to clear their minds of academic and social pressures, to literally run off the tension that’s accumulated in their muscles” (Metzl 13). This way kids get to be kids and not worry about their troubles around them. They can focus on themselves and work on who they want to be.

Teamwork is something that goes far beyond sports. Being able to cooperate with other people is something you will always need. When you work well with others it opens doors to things you would never expect. Kids gain abilities to become leaders and be more sociable. This leads to making even more friends and gaining the most out of your experience. When everyone works together to achieve something there is a much higher chance it will happen, and even if it doesn’t it will make the ride along a whole lot of fun.

The life lessons that can be learned during sports are limitless. One of the most important ones is the value of hard work. When there is something you want in life you must go get it. You can’t have any excuses. There should be nothing that stands in the way of the goals you set for yourself.

Winning in sports is often believed to be the only thing that matters but in reality, that just isn’t true. It is so much more important to enjoy what you do and love the people around you. Winning is one great thing about sports, it is an amazing feeling to win in anything. But in sports, you learn how to win with class and not disrespect opponents. The same thing goes for losing. It happens to everyone but the important part is how you get back up and get back to work. Failure will always be there to hold you back if you let it, but it should be something to learn from and come back even better than before. “If you look at winning as a whole fact of the matter is that every time you step onto the field your chances are 50/50. This is the very simple truth, the world as we can perceive it, is made up of a set of opposites, hot vs. cold, up vs. down, win vs. lose etc”(Riegel 101).

The value of preparation is something that will be learned in sports. The amount of time you put into getting ready will make significant changes to your outcomes in anything you do. Commitment is another valuable lesson. Staying close to a team or people, in general, will make everything you do have more value. Staying committed will be something that saves your relationships quite often. Loyalty is probably one of the greatest values a person can have. Communication skills are also picked up along the way with sports. You are around people so often that it is easy to get good at. “They’re better at setting goals and managing their time” (Nguyen).

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Many character traits can be obtained while playing sports. Respect is something you need to have to do anything in life. There will always be people above you that you must show respect for. In sports, they learn to respect officials, coaches, parents, and teammates. By showing respect you will also easily gain respect which is important.

Confidence in what you do is a key aspect of many things. It will make you think highly of yourself and feel good. “Kids who compete in sports generally have more confidence and self-respect” (Nguyen). It generally translates to higher self-esteem as well.

You also learn how to control your emotions and keep your composure. Sports help lids get away from certain stress in their life as well. So it is great for kids to be able to get out and focus on something different.

“As an ex-NBA player and general manager with family members who have played a variety of sports professionally and a sports medicine physician with more than 20 years of experience working with athletes of all ages, we are well aware of the many potential benefits of youth sports participation. Youths participating in sports have opportunities to enhance self-esteem, socialize with peers and improve general health and fitness, setting the stage for an active adult lifestyle” (VanDeWeghe).

Toughness is a great trait to have. Being mentally tough is so important because there will always be people who want the worst for you. It will help you push through difficult tasks and stand up for yourself. I may even make you feel better about yourself and your ability to accomplish goals.

As we all know, parents play huge roles in kids’ lives. There are many things they can do to help their kids grow and stay safe while playing sports. For kids to have an enjoyable time playing sports their parents must do many things. The most important thing is to simply support them. A parent’s support and respect in needed by kids. It makes them feel much better about the things they do. Kids can only succeed if their parents stay in their lane and do the best for their kids. Parents must also watch for injury and odd behavior from their children to make sure they’re okay. They should take them to the doctor as needed. “That’s right. These same parents who primp, fuss, micromanage and over-indulge their little athletes, and are fond of telling us how they do it from love, how it’s what the child wants, not what they want… Baloney” (Albom).

The physical health benefits that playing sports and being active bring are incredible. You can develop very good habits from the things you do during sports. Habits such as eating healthy, exercising regularly, etc.

Sports have many benefits that are great to have, even though there are some minor risks it is definitely worth it to try them out. Sports teach many lessons that are important for your life. You’ll learn how to work with others, how to stay in shape, and even develop habits that will keep you living a healthy lifestyle. It’s important for kids to play sports because it will allow them to figure out what they like and don’t like. They will learn many things during their time and it will help them stay healthy.

To help allow kids to participate in sports, volunteer to work at any youth sporting event in your area. Everything you do will be greatly appreciated by your community.

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