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When someone says, “I love you,” or “I am loyal,” which do you think has a bigger impact? Love or loyalty. According to Google, love is an intense feeling of deep affection, while loyalty is defined as giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution. Now, according to these definitions, love and loyalty are two completely different things. However, the two have quite a few things in common.

Love is basically a feeling when you like someone a lot, and loyalty is simply being there for someone whether you like them or not. I believe loyalty is greater than love because you can love someone and still stab them in their back. Loyalty, however, doesn’t involve much feeling. With loyalty, you can love or hate someone but still have their backs. Love is just a mere feeling of becoming attached. Loyalty is having someone’s best interest regardless of your history together.

Similarly, love and loyalty both incorporate wanting what is best for a person. For example, you can buy someone soup when they are sick because you love them, but you can also buy someone soup when they are sick because of your loyalty to them. On the contrary, the main difference between love and loyalty is that love is a feeling and it comes from the heart, while loyalty is a mentality that derives from the mind.

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Loyalty can be broken easier than love because one can do anything out of love. Someone could kill someone because they “love” them, but you can’t kill someone and expect to have loyalty or, at least, the same level of loyalty as that person. I conducted a small poll of about twenty people on “Which Carries the Most Weight, Love or Loyalty”. Out of those twenty people, four of them said love carried the most weight, while a whopping sixteen people voted loyalty. Those who chose love said they did so because, in their book, love includes loyalty.

They believe there is no love without loyalty and no loyalty without love. However, they are only half right, one can have loyalty without love, but one can also have love with loyalty. Additionally, sixteen out of twenty people I surveyed who said that loyalty carries more weight than love, said they chose that answer because people say “I love you” all the time even when they hurt the person, but when people are loyal, they won’t hurt the person in the first place.

They would only want their best interest. In conclusion, my poll and Google definitions help elucidate my point that loyalty has significantly more weight and more meaning than love. The definitions also help in assisting a person with their own opinion on love and loyalty. Learning the original meaning of a word can alter and expand a person’s usual way of thinking, making love and loyalty mean more than just what a dictionary says it means.

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