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When I think of genetic engineering, I say to myself “Wow a way to get exactly what I want and how I want it.” Genetic engineering is a topic of opinion, While some people may disagree with the procedure for most it is seen as the best opportunity they can ever be given. Genetic engineering also known as gene editing, is when DNA is inserted, deleted, modified, or replaced in the genome of a living organism. I support genetic engineering, as well as the opportunities and enhancements that go along with it. Although the procedure comes with a lot of “what ifs”, in a certain set of eyes the opportunities outweigh those “what ifs.” The possibility of making sure your child is free from all or any inherited diseases is astonishing. Being able to include your desired enhancements. While there are some people who feel that tampering with the DNA of human beings or other organisms is meddling with Mother Nature. Others see it as a sign of progress and an opportunity to make the world and the lives of humans as well as animals better.

To start off, back in the early 1970s Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen, constructed a way to function organisms that combined and replicated genetic information from different species. Their experiments greatly impacted DNA recombinant engineering in medicine and other pharmaceutical advantages. Boyer and Cohen, who are both biochemists, recognized the corresponding nature of their work in 1972. Cohen’s research involved plasmids which are the non-chromosomal, circular units of DNA found in bacteria. Boyer was working on restriction enzymes, produced by bacteria to counter invalid viral organisms known as bacteriophages. Which is a virus that parasitizes a bacterium by infecting it and reproducing inside it. Later Boyer and Cohen both combined their discoveries. Which allowed them to generate products more rapidly.

The main advantage of genetic engineering is being able to remove sicknesses and diseases. Such as Huntington’s disease, sickle-cell anemia, Tay-Sachs, cystic fibrosis, ataxia, muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, and albinism. The list continues to grow as more technology growth increases as the years go on. Genetic editing can ensure those tragic legacies do not carry to offspring. Being able to be in control of the well-being of your unborn child should be seen as a gift. The development of CRISPR, now allows scientists to program a protein to change specific sequences of DNA within a cell, then gives them the ability to edit the human genome. With CRISPR scientists can be able to remove the bad parts of the genome and basically patch up any imperfections.

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Through the creation of CRISPR not only are we able to prevent and treat the spread of diseases as well as the improvement of crops. CRISPR stands for clusters of regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, it is a specialized region of DNA with two distinct characteristics, repeats and spacers. The repeated nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA, the spacers are bits of DNA that are distributed among the repeated sequences. In the case of bacterial infection, the spacers are taken from viruses that previously attacked the organism. It’s able to remember where the infection came from, which enables bacteria to recognize the viruses and fight off future attacks. There have been cases over the past years where the development of CRISPR played a large part. Which involved a few of those listed diseases that are able to be removed because of the advancements of CRISPR.

Besides having genetic engineering to be able to remove diseases, you can also pick and choose any and or all of the features/characteristics of your child. Some might not see that as an advantage or even a necessity but others see it as a dream come true. There are several scenarios where parents or a parent might want a specific type of gender for a certain reason. As well as maybe they’ll want a certain type of trait to be ensured that will carry down to their child. That might not be considered everyone’s cup of tea but having that opportunity there is always seen to have benefits rather than hazards.

When it comes to sports or physical attributes, people would tend to lean toward performance-enhancing drugs. Also known as erythropoietin, steroids, growth hormones, and such. If being born with a specific type of physical enhancement such as strength, speed, endurance, or all of the above. There would be no need to possibly want to indulge in such drugs, even though societal issues will always have to be considered. When it comes to competitive sports, it is always frowned upon as well as violates “anti-doping rules.” At least we can be able to provide that said child with an advantage maybe others didn’t have the chance to receive.

Trait selection and enhancement in embryos raise moral issues involving both individuals and society.

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