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It has been two days since I have been flying in the incessant rain. Though my body is giving up owing to starvation, my old wings have somehow found an inextinguishable fire in them. I decided to lounge for a while on the huge Peepal tree and proceed with my flight as soon as the pouring lessens. I have embarked on this journey to meet my bundles of joy. When I was a young bird once our parents flew out in search of food only to never return back. My sister being the younger one and I, the elder brother the responsibility laid on my shoulder to provide her with food and take care of her until she too could fly. Since then every day I would fly off to bring food for her. As we were growing up we shared a bond of great affection between us. I decided to make a better shelter for my sister to live so I built a new nest on the nearby branch with lots of twigs, effort and love all knit together. It seemed like my entire world revolved around my sister. We were having a very peaceful life when one day while returning to our nest I could see our part of jungle burning under blazing flames. I flew hastily towards our nest only to find everything turned into ashes. The horror and grief of this incident stayed with me for several months. I flew to another part of the jungle to begin with a new life and built another nest though the previous enthusiasm was lost. My life became monotonous and my nest always appeared vacant. I kept wandering from one part of the jungle to another feeling the unrest inside.

Until one day, while it was pouring down heavily my eyes fell on a bird sitting on the adjacent branch. She was completely drenched, wounded and shivering in the rain. She looked at me with helpless eyes hoping some aid. I beckoned her to come and take rest in my rest until the rain stops. I had kept some food as store for these rainy days which I offered her. As she took the food she unfolded her story of how she had been tortured by the male bird who has thrown her from his nest due to the differences arising between them. Fearing for her life she has been flying wounded since several days but now her wings have given up and she continued to weep hysterically. She reminded me so much of my dear sister whom I had lost several months before. I tried to console her and asked her to stay in my nest for any number of days as she would like to. I would stay in the nearby branch close to the nest. Next day I flew out to bring food for her, on retuning I saw she has laid two eggs in the nest. The thought of my empty nest to be soon completed with the presence of young birds exhilarated me. My responsibility as an elder brother had increased and I took great care of her providing her with all that she required. When the eggs cracked open following some months the young hungry birds chirped the whole day which gave me immense happiness. The moment I saw them I knew that my whole life was going to be centred on their innocent little smiles. Their huge appetite, mischief glimmering eyes and their day long warbles filled my days with rainbow lights. All my days sailed smoothly in the company of my sister and children, just when I did not know my happiness was so short- lived.

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One evening while returning to our nest, I could see from far that our branch on which our nest was built shaking tremendously. I got anxious and flapped my wings quicker, fearing any danger might have come upon my family. When I reached there I saw a big, well built bird engaged in an intense conversation with my sister involving fierce gesturing. Without losing a second I pecked at his back but he proved to be too strong for me and pecked me back brutally. I looked at my sister for help, she motioned the other bird to leave me and when he didn’t she pulled him forcibly away from me. I was astonished and puzzled about this event. With tears rolling out she said that he was her male bird who had thrown her out of their nest but he regretted later about his behaviour and decided to repent his mistakes so he had set about looking for her. He had found her in this part of the jungle after a lot of searching and wanted her to return back to their nest along with the children. I looked at the huge embarrassed male bird who was begging her to forgive his misbehaviour and requesting her to return back to their nest with the children. He appeared disconcerted for his misjudgement against me and thanked me graciously for taking care of his wife and his children in his unfortunate absence. Gradually I understood the scenario, sensing my sister’s perplexity I resolved to take the tough decision of counselling her to return back to her previous life. Her husband would be able to redeem for his faults, the children would be able to grow better in a familial environment and my sister would be able to experience the bliss of a blessed family life. I knew it would be selfish on my part if I did anything otherwise than this as this was in everyone’s best interest especially the little children, yet unknown to the complexities of the ties of the world. After many hours of consultation and deliberate efforts she agreed to return back with him. I got ready to bid them a teary farewell, everyone looked crestfallen when the time to leave came closer. It was hard to make the children understand the reason behind this sudden separation from their uncle. After a lot of coaxing and with a promise that i would visit them frequently did the children agree to leave. Then finally came the time when she followed behind him along with the children flying behind her. Inconsolable tears kept rolling down my eyes on this heart-rending sight. I glanced around my again empty nest. It was surrounded with greenery all around, but it’s in side seemed dark and deserted. That day my nest became empty again but not my life because the moment they left I looked forward on seeing them again. I decided to fly away for some time to some other part of jungle without being able to gather the courage to look back at my empty broken nest.

It’s been so long that I have been reminiscing that the rain has stopped and once again I can resume with my journey indulging in remembering only the happy moments spent with the children, how i would catch them on their first attempts of flying and falling. I hoped to create more such moments with them when i reach my destination. I was resolute to build a nest near my family and live as close as possible without interfering much.

There was nothing I valued more than the smile on my sister’s face, happy in her conjugal life and the children finally having a complete family life. The nest is already in my view the children have grown a little more or it seemed to these longing eyes. The moment they spot me they dart towards me enthusiastically, I am greeted in a hearty manner by my sister and her husband. It is in here that the warmth of having a family fills this once orphaned heart with exultation. A single act of lending a supporting wing one day to a wounded bird has changed my colourless, pessimist and wandering life to that of one of purpose and brought about many festive moments. It was fate that broke my nest but it was faith that made me whole again.

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