Develop a project charter through applying concepts and techniques explored in this course. Follow this outline:

PART 1: INTRODUCTION 1) Open the team essay with an introduction section describing a project charter. 2) Summarize why a project charter is critical to project management success.

PART 2: PROJECT CHARTER LITERATURE REVIEW 1.) Define Project Charter (per PMBOK 6th Edition and course text book). 2.) List the various elements of a project charter and why each is used (i.e. title, scope overview, business case, background, etc.). 3.) Explain in-depth the following key components of the project charter: project vision, objectives, scope, and organization and implementation plan.

PART 3: PROJECT CHARTER DEVEOPMENT 1.) Create each section of a charter for a small sample project using given project information provided by the instructor. 2.) Constructing the project charter: The sponsor and project team typically work together. In practice, often the team prepares the first draft and then discusses with sponsor. a. Develop scope overview and business case: This is the “elevator speech” – a half minute summary of the project. b. Create the milestones (MS Project optional, an excel spread sheet is acceptable). c. Identify risks, assumptions and constraints (as applicable, create contingency plans and assigning ownership for each major risk). d. Create a stakeholder listing (only the primary stakeholders and all other stakeholders). e. Develop the team operating principles f. Identify “Lessons learned”

3.) Summarize the key elements used to develop the project charter.

PART 4: CONCLUSION: 1.) What critical take-aways in the development process of a project charter would your team incorporate into the role of a Project Manager? 2.) Highlight specific areas of project risk planning, assumptions, and the potential constraints to the project discovered in the report. 3.) Apply the required knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques of a project, as defined in the PMBOK® Guide and course text.

ASSIGNMENT DETAILS: As your team prepare the project, please attend to the following additional guidelines: 1) This is a group project (identify each member’s role in the project development) 2) Prepare your report in APA format. 3) Paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 12-15 pages. (Page count does not include title page, reference list or project charter appendix.) 4) Insert the project charter as an appendix to the research paper. 5) Cite all work referenced and include a reference page.

6) Proofread the document carefully before submission! 7) Prepare and deliver a Power Point Presentation covering significant information in the project charter. Presentation should contain speaker notes and contain 10 slides of information in total (title page and reference page will not count toward total). 8) Most importantly – Have fun with this assignment!

Project Charter Details

Scenario: The objective of this project is to implement food truck service during the residency weekends of the NKY/Florence campus beginning in September 2020. The project duration will be for 1 year or 9 residency weekends per Fall and Spring semester and 5 residency weekends for Summer semester (23 weekends total), with enough start-up inventory to last through the first four residency weekends. The food truck will need to be available during the following hours: Friday 4pm – 9pm, Saturday 7am – 5pm and Sunday 7am – 12 noon.

Project baseline considerations:

• Determine what food will be provided by the food truck.

• Establish competitive prices for the food and beverage items sold.

• Source and secure supply vendors.

• A list of the major deliverables that will result from the project are described.

• Specific reviews: The Project Charter will be reviewed by the project team and approved.

• The final approval will be the course Professor.

• Major Milestones: A list of the milestones that are needed.

• Follow the SMART protocol.

• The final approval will be the course Professor.

Project Knowns:

• Only approved food and beverage items will be sold out of the food truck.

• Food truck customers will be University of The Cumberlands student body and faculty attending the residency weekend.

• University of The Cumberlands students will manage the project and be responsible for ongoing operations.

• A sponsor from the University faculty or staff will be assigned to mentor students and to provide oversight.

• Software is not available for project planning and control.

• Supply deliveries will be arranged or the food truck will pick them up with students.

• Students will utilize vendor websites to establish potential food costs.

• Constraints: It is important to define any and all constraints on the project or those working on the project

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