Click this link to read the first chapter of our text, Excursions in World Music.This is the ONLY chapter I will be posting to get you started. You will need to have the textbook by the next unit.EWM Intro.PDF
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World Music
Study Guide: Introduction
1. How is each chapter of our textbook structured?
2. The idea that music is principally to be _________________ is a notion characteristic of
Western Culture.
3. What is the Marriage of Figaro? ___________________________________________________
List three things about this piece of music that tells us something about the people of that time and
4. What does the fact that we consider Mozart a “deity among composers” tell us about today’s
American society?
5. What is meant by a “relativistic view” of music?
6. What is an example of a “bimusical” community?
7. We will be using Nettl’s “Three-Part Model” extensively in this course. What are the three parts
of this model?
8. Think of a kind of music and/or music event you know, try to describe how the three-part model
can be applied:
9. List the five “universals” of music:
10. What does this statement mean? Music is universal, but not a universal language.
11. What kinds of things cause music to change?
12. Describe the four primary classes of instruments (and the recent fifth) in the system developed
by Hornbostel and Sachs, and give an example of each:
13. “A society develops its music in accordance with the ________________ of its
14. What is “fieldwork” and who does it?

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