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Assignment Content

  • Continue your work with the company you selected in Wk 2. the company I used is Apple
  • Research your company’s financial reports for 2017.
  • Complete a 2- to 3-page FAQ/Shareholder Analysis.
  • Evaluate economic conditions that influence company performance. Consider political, environmental, currency (money), global economics, and government influences on economic conditions.
  • Compare market conditions with the company’s performance for 2017. Conclude how the market conditions that year influenced the company’s performance, such as interest rates, Federal Reserve Bank monetary policy changes, or other market conditions relevant to the company you selected.
  • Analyze year-over-year performance from 2016 and 2017. Consider key metrics or ratios such as trailing PE ratio, forward PE ratio, price to book, return on assets, and return on equity in your conclusions.
  • Cite references to support your assignment

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