For your Analysis Essay, the document should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, one inch margins.  The length should be 6 pages, 1500 words approximately, excluding images.  You will need to submit a Word document.

1. Evaluate a company website marketing strategy through a consumer behavior model.

– How does the company website speak to each of the following influences in terms of the target markets?  (market segmentation)

– How does the company website position itself in the market? (product/brand position: A product position is the way the consumer thinks of a given product/brand relative to competing products/brands.)

– Identify how the marketing segmentation and product/brand position lend themselves to the marketing mix (product, price, place/distribution, promotion). Again refer to each of the influences below to explain your answers.

· External influences:   

o Culture, subculture, values

o Demographics, income and social class

o Reference groups and households

o Marketing Activities

· Internal influences:

o Needs, motives, emotions

o Perception and memory

o Personality and lifestyle

o Attitudes

· Situational influences

o Physical, time, social, task, and antecedent

· Decision process influences

o Problem recognition

o Information search

o Alternative evaluation and selection

o Outlet selection

o Purchase

o Postpurchase processes

1. Cite (APA format) and discuss 3 scholarly peer reviewed journal articles, videos or readings used in the course to support your position.

2. Reference page required. Include a reference page (APA format) with the sources selected.

3. Abstract not required.

4. Submit your assignment to this dropbox as a Word document.

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