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Business innovation is an evidence-based strategy that allows companies to modify their models and support the demands of their clients. Etisalat Group is presently one of the leading telecommunication corporations in the world today. It provides high-quality services, opportunities, and solutions to millions of customers in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The adoption of innovation at Etisalat is a strategy that has transformed the level of operations, improved business performance, and maximized the recorded profits. This paper describes the nature of this organizational change process and the major issues that future investors should take into consideration.

Innovative Strategies

Etisalat has been in operation for the past four decades. The leaders at this corporation have been focusing on emerging trends and strategies that resonate with the expectations of the targeted customers. The nature of digitalization experienced in the world today has compelled companies to transform their models. More customers in the Middle East and across the globe have been in need of superior solutions, smartphones, and high-speed connections to meet their demands (Sandle, 2019). The integration experienced across different industries is dictating the nature of this process. Etisalat has capitalized on these technological developments and demands to develop new innovations that can deliver additional gains.

Several years ago, Etisalat introduced a new strategy that has been intended to maximize innovation and empower the identified clients. The company identifies such an initiative as TARGET. This is an acronym capturing the organization’s sense of direction, goals, and ambitions. T means to drive digital technology to support societies (Sharma, 2019). A represents the acceleration of value growth through continuous innovation while R entails raising abilities and talent across the organization (Etisalat Group, n.d.). G denotes the growth for B2B arrangements across the digital footprint. E means to expand such a portfolio across the MENA region while T explains how the company intends to transform the experiences of all partners.

Following the successful launch and implementation of the TARGET initiative, Etisalat Group has become one of the most competitive corporations in the wider Middle East region. The project revolves around the use of 5G technology and supportive features. The company has been conducting research and development (R&D) to identify some of the best measures to merge all sectors through continuous innovation (Venkatesh et al., 2019). The involvement of key stakeholders and clients creates a sense of trust, thereby allowing more individuals to be part of the agenda.

This company has partnered with banking, telecommunication, financial, health, and insurance firms across the region to ensure that more customers receive timely services. These efforts have led to sustainable solutions while allowing more individuals to achieve their maximum potential. The involvement of skilled people and leaders has made innovation a priority as the corporation strives to achieve its mission and vision (Sharma, 2019). The established partnerships have supported the B2B model thereby delivering additional gains. The manner in which this company pursues its innovative strategies means that it will achieve its goals much faster and become more successful in its industry.

Impact on Stakeholders

The guiding principle dictating the digital transformations and innovative tendencies at Etisalat Group is the desire to empower all key stakeholders. The company has been striving to transform its business model while focusing on the emerging demands of its key partners. Consequently, the leaders have succeeded in transforming the experiences and outcomes of different stakeholders. Some of the notable ones include Etisalat’s customers, employees, health institutions, government agencies, communities, financial institutions, and emerging businesses (Venkatesh et al., 2019). The company relies on recorded lessons and observations to make better decisions and pursue R&D in an informed manner.

First, the ultimate aim of any business is to maximize the experiences of the customer in accordance with the stakeholder theory. This model allows companies to engage in activities and practices that resonate with the demands of the clients. At Etisalat, innovation is usually introduced to ensure that the experience of the customer is improved continuously (Venkatesh et al., 2019). For instance, the latest 5G technology is providing a faster browsing experience while improving clarity. The users have been able to complete numerous tasks, perform their duties much, faster, and support the performance of their respective businesses.

Second, the organizational theory focuses on some of the best ideas and practices that can promote the best structure and culture. Businesses relying on such models will maximize the experiences of their workers and provide the relevant resources. At Etisalat, the employees rely on some of the emerging innovations to complete their duties while serving their customers much better. The managers at the company have also considered the importance of good working environments and resources that echo the targeted innovations (Etisalat Group, n.d.). The increasing number of satisfied employees has led to the provision of timely and superior technological and communication services.

Third, business theories guide corporations to develop sustainable relationships with their partners and attract new ones to achieve their goals. At Etisalat, a B2B model exists whereby it designs platforms and digital solutions that resonate with the demands of more clients in the banking and insurance industries. The digital solutions available to most of these customers are allowing Etisalat to attract more business clients (Sandle, 2019). Consequently, such stakeholders are finding it easier to serve their customers using online-based technologies and systems. These satisfied partners indicate clearly that Etisalat is capable of recording additional gains and profits.

Fourth, Etisalat Group has been focusing on the implemented policy guidelines to produce superior products and services that are capable of improving user experience. The government has guided its agencies to integrate such technologies to support and improve the available public services (Etisalat Group, n.d.). These gains reveal that most citizens are satisfied with most of the available resources and funds. Such developments explain why there is a need for the leaders in this country to support the innovation model. The managers can also consider additional insights to support the agenda and meet the demands of the greatest number of citizens.

Finally, medical facilities and learning institutions across the MENA region are keen to adopt emerging innovations. Such technologies are intended to support the delivery of personalized services. The introduced 5G network and apps are capable of guiding hospitals to collect and share information in a secure and fast manner. Similarly, most of the modern technologies different institutions of learning implement are capable of supporting the delivery of the relevant instructions (Sharma, 2019). From this analysis, it is agreeable that the managers at Etisalat Group should consider some of these positive impacts and improve the current innovative tendencies.

Complex Factors

Organizations intended to adopt modern technologies ad innovations tend to encounter a wide range of highly complex factors. The first one is that some of the workers remained reluctant and resisted the intended process. This challenge will make it impossible for the leaders to guide the process and introduce systems that resonate with the demands of the customers (Sharma, 2019). The second factor is the need for numerous resources and tools. At Etisalat, the innovation process has been successful since it has the required funds to support the entire process.

The changing nature of technology can become the third issue that stakeholders need to take seriously. Some companies might pursue a specific innovation but realize that it has become obsolete before launching it successfully. Such a realization could result in additional challenges and increase the company’s chances of becoming less profitable. Additionally, the entire process is quite demanding since investors will have to consider the needs and views of all key stakeholders (Sharma, 2019). This trend explains why customization is an experience and critical aspect of any form of innovation. Without the consideration of this high factor, more firms planning to pursue their technological goals will fail significantly.

The success recorded at Etisalat due to the introduced innovation processes is a clear indication that any company can achieve its goals much faster. However, this organization has encountered some of the challenges outlined above, thereby being unable to record maximum gains. The acquired lessons can become the best ideas for addressing such gaps and presenting better approaches to maximize innovation (Tuxford, 2018). The implementation of proper strategies and approaches can result in improved sustainability and make the tendency more effective.

At Etisalat Group, the use of a proper change theory to support any innovative agenda can deliver desirable results much faster. This approach can address the possible level of resistance, encourage more professionals to be part of the process, and be aware of the anticipated goals. The leaders need to consider such an approach in the future in an effort to record positive gains in a timely manner. The company can study a wide range of case studies in different sectors and countries in the future whenever introducing new innovations (Sandle, 2019). For instance, many corporations in Asia and Europe have succeeded in taking the idea of innovation to the next level. These insights can make it possible for Etisalat and other organizations to achieve greater gains within a short period.

The identified complex factors explain why the idea of collaboration among the key stakeholders and interested businesses is critical. Such a model will support the introduction of superior technologies and innovations that resonate with all participants’ demands. The company can find it easier to present superior innovations that can solve problems in different sectors or support the delivery of timely results (Tuxford, 2018). The concept of continuous improvement is also critical since technology remains ever-changing. Such an approach will make more companies sustainable and profitable in their respective regions.


The above discussion has identified Etisalat Group as a company whose success and profitability are attributable to its innovative tendencies. The organization’s efforts have transformed the experiences of all key stakeholders and partners in a positive manner. However, these gains have been recorded amidst various challenges that affect many organizations. Some of the outlined recommendations are evidence-based and capable of guiding more leaders to implement innovative tendencies more efficiently. These initiatives will deliver sustainable results in a timely manner and meet the demands of more stakeholders.


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