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Re-writing an already written essay can sometimes be a challenge. The essay must have the same meaning and tone, but with zero matchings to the original essay. Get your essay re-write by our professional writers who will never disappoint or even provide low-quality work.

Can re-written essay be regarded as a custom essay?

Our able and professional writers will write your essay based on the original essay, but they will not copy-paste anything from the original essay. Re-writing can be done for various reasons, which include the elimination of plagiarism or making a copy similar but with different wording. This in most cases is a taxing job and needs a professional who will ensure all the information on the original copy has been transferred to the re-written copy without compromising on the quality.

Get professional to re-write your essay to avoid repetition. Our team of writers will help you with your re-writing tasks and ensure they meet the required standard. Once the essay has been re-written, our team of editors will check through to ensure all the grammar; matching words have been changed to ensure there would be no traces of the original copy on the re-written essay.

Get your re-written essay at lower rates

We always have our clients in mind. Our prices are often low, but this does not compromise the quality of work our essay writers provide. We always ensure your work is given priority to make sure deadlines are met. We will always provide a copy comparison result to ascertain that the re-written copy does not have traces of the original copy. Get help from our able team of professionals and you will never regret it.

All our essays are:

  • 100% original without traces of plagiarism
  • Custom written to meet individual requirements expectations
  • Delivered before time to allow the student to go through before submission
  • Proofread and edited

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