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Planning refers to the primary activity, which offers direction and reduces the chances of uncertainty. Goals are one of the important elements of planning which provides an evaluation of performance criteria. In this report, the focus has been shed on illustrating the importance of goal setting and the identification of three important conditions that are included in Miles and Vergen’s landmark study. Along with this, contingency factors, types of plans, and MOB are other important areas, which have been discussed in this report Introduction Goal setting refers to the technique, which offers direction to the efforts and drives focus, boosts confidence, and promotes persistence. This is considered a long-term vision of where the individual wants to be. It precisely focuses the attention on what requires to be achieved and structure time as well as resources or getting the most benefit out of it. Thus, it can be considered as the process through which individuals create a plan for the achievement of goals.

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Goals offered could focus on the life of an individual and through the establishment of goals, rippled effects can be created. Hence, the establishment of goals provides a purpose as well as direction in life. In this report, the importance of goal setting will be discussed in various contexts. In the coming pages of the report, various characteristics of goal establishment will be discussed. In addition to these, the landmark study will be done by Miles and Vergen for the setting up of goals. In this regard, various conditions will be identified for ensuring the best practice of goal setting. Along with this, contingency factors and various types of panning will be discussed for each of the participants. Illustrate the importance of goal setting in planning It is crucial for the individual to be aware of the ways through which motivation and management in the tasks can be enhanced. This would further help in ensuring productivity among the team members. Thus, goal setting is considered an important practice through which individuals can be motivated for cursing their effort and prioritize them accordingly. Goals also provide individuals with motivation as well as clarity to the people with respect to their jobs. It is worse to work on a project without knowing its contribution in the end (Driskell et al. 2018). However, in the presence gain insights, the projects would have more meaning as well as detailed purpose. There are various types of goals that can be established for the team and for the individuals. The goals provide assistance through

  • It helps people in defining the vision and path for the achievement of desired goals
  • It also encourages people to know the reason behind their work and the ways in which it can result in a bigger picture (Mathieu et al. 2017)
  • Along with this, it also creates accountability and encourages individuals fort measuring their work and think outside of the box.

Characteristics of well-defined goals

Well-defined goals can be relatable to the SMART framework, which is an important framework for goal setting. Specific and defined: It is important to be specific and defined as this forms the base for any goal setting. A well-defined goal focuses on the tasks, which help in sleeping towards the accomplishment of the project. Measurable: It is important for the goals to have a ruler or a scoreboard attached to them. Not every goal, which is formed, should be result-oriented (McComb et al. 2017). Realistic: The goals should be realistic as well as attainable in nature and they should expand abilities. Thus, while establishing goals, opportunities can be identified. Relevant: This includes ensuring the fact that the goals matter to the individual and align as well as with the other appropriate goals (Cao and Park, 2017). It is important to retain control over the support as well as assistance, which is commonly required by individuals. Time Constraint: Every goal that is established requires a target date that would demonstrate the deadline that should be focused on. Thus, time constraint criteria prevent the tasks from taking priority over the goals that are long-term in nature. It is important for the individual to stay focused and committed to their work. Individuals are required to work for something that holds importance as well is rewarding in nature (Hobson et al. 2018). Goal setting is quite beneficial in a wide range of ways for individuals as well as the team. Thus, having a clear objective in the form of goals will keep individuals on track and motivate them to achieve. Illustrate Miles and Vergen’s landmark study into goal setting and three conditions to ensure the best practice of goal setting The goal illustrates the needs of the individual which are to be achieved. The establishment of goals includes the illustration of guidelines that helps in meeting the objectives. Miles and Virgin’s landmark study illustrate the ways in which individual can improve with respect to their aims and thereby formulate such plans, which would motivate them.

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