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Leadership is both the study area and practical skill that encompasses the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or direct others, teams, or entire organizations. Basically, this is a process of social influence that maximizes the efforts of others to achieve a goal. Leadership comes from social influence, not from power or authority. It requires others, which means they want to achieve perfection in the organization.

People become leaders who do the right things; so, managers are people who can make things right (Professor Warren G. Bennis). The word “leadership” can conjure up a wide variety of images. For example, a political leader works for community success, an explorer makes a convenient way for his followers, and the executive develops his company’s strategy to beat the competition.

Leaders are those who help people to make things right. They provide direction, create an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is determining where you need to go to win as a team or organization, and it is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring. However, while leaders provide directions, they must also use management skills to guide their people seamlessly and effectively to the right place. Each leader has a different definition of his skills, which explains how they lead the culture and company’s direction. A leader brings new approaches to leadership, which affects the overall culture and employees (Jacob Morgan, January 6, 2020).

Leadership is a process to create convenient but sometimes critical decisions, which are best for organizational success. This helps to set vision, goals, and objectives with the necessary tools to achieve those goals. An effective leader is that who works with full confidence, energy, creativity, innovative thoughts, and management skills, which help to survive in a critical situation. With these skills, leaders can face any problem in crisis (Margaret Rouse, 29 November 2017).

In management, perspective leadership is a way of managing the company to establish and achieve complex goals to acquire quick and decisive actions when necessary, the excellence of competition, and inspires others for the top level that they can. In business, a person who has strong leadership skills can achieve an executive position like a chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO), chief financial officer (CFO), president, or chairman (Alexandra Twin, July 25, 2020).

Leadership is a myth, which means they are by birth or made. Everyone is not a leader by birth, he is made through his skills, knowledge, and social influence, while some are made naturally. In an organization, an effective leader is that who can work in an energetic way, set goals for the company’s success and motivate the other employees to pay full attention in the workplace. In management, if leaders will work more effectively and efficiently then the organization could achieve success and becomes stable in the market. People can create better leadership skills only with personality traits because a lot of employees show interest to become leaders (Kendra Cherry, November 7, 2019).

Leadership is described in two ways, which explain formal and informal leadership. Formal leadership is that who consists of their own specific position in the group. In a group, they actually appoint a leader to handle the whole group’s work. For example, a teacher in the classroom or a manager in the company is a formal leader. He has a responsibility to organize the whole group and work to achieve organizational goals.

The informal leader is that who does not particularly assign the group to handle all responsibilities. In this group, members find that they have to follow this person by his skills. The informal leader has been chosen by his group members due to his energetic efforts, skills, motivation, and kindness. Through these skills, people want to see their leader and listen to him and what he says. This leader proves best because he or she is chosen by his team members due to skills, which naturally find him/her (Kathryn Vercillo, March 27, 2020).

In every organization, leadership is essential to lead other members like, employees to set directions and tell them how to work in the company to become more successful in the market. Without leadership, an organization can not achieve success and work properly. This makes sense to work in a proper way, handle difficulties, and determine every single problem. This is important for management to maximize efficiency and to earn more profit, which the organization is set to achieve. In fact, we can say that it is an essential part of effective management.

Leadership has an important role in every organization. Without an effective leader, the organization can not work properly to achieve success. An effective leader establishes a strong mission, vision, goals, objectives, and effective strategy with which an organization can achieve success (Charanjit S. Rihal, MD, December 14, 2017).

In an organization, leadership creates to achieve goals, which the company has set to get future success. So, with the right leader, an organization can work in a satisfactory environment. Leadership communicates in a specific way in effective language, which shows a strong influence on other members to work according to their directions (Barbara and Stephen, 2010).

Effective leadership has strong roles and responsibilities to fulfill organizational requirements because a successful organization depends on a leader who has a strong influence to support the workplace. One research shows that organizational leadership has a great role in organizational growth (Wasim and Imran, 2010).

In an organization, becoming a leader is an essential step to exposing his/her excellence, which helps him/her achieve success. This becomes convenient when an employee makes great bonding with the owner and shows the best performance in meetings. Effective leadership demands huge respectful relations to earn in return from employees. If a leader does not create a respectful relationship then he can not get the desired work from staff for organizational success.

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Effective leadership must establish faith and generosity between employees and other stakeholders. This provides support to the organization to get success and becomes sustainable. In an organization, a good leader is that who manages all difficult things, happening there and has the willingness to support the company in any situation. This makes a helpful situation for his team members to work more effectively.

To create effective leadership must practice empathy with team members. When you make empathy with your team members it helps them to avoid mistakes. Empathy is the best thing for leaders to manage their team members by creating under stable environment because if you want to set perfection in the organization, you should make some efforts (Anita Campbell, December 31, 2016).

Leaders become good managers or get senior positions if they work more effectively and genuinely. If leaders want to achieve success in the organization then they must understand the whole company situation and how to deal with employees, owners, and stakeholders. To manage organizational work they must encourage, empower, and engage all company members to lead a successful organization. They must create a productive and effective workplace, which helps the organization to become more successful (Simplilearn, August 20, 2020).

A good leader works for the company’s success and makes resources, which helps to work in an efficient way. He must have an autocratic, democratic, energetic, coaching, and affiliative style. These styles are best to deal with other company members to create a leadership environment. Leadership works for improving company performance by making fewer costs, which helps to earn more profit. This is beneficial for organizations to deal in a leading manner to get rid of useless expenses.

Leaders must believe in you before leading others it helps to set directions. To create a successful organization and lead all members’ leaders should avoid some things. To become success leader you must know how to motivate and encourage employees, what they want, how they want to work, and what makes them more powerful. Leaders should believe in you and not make any hesitation to lead the management. If leaders are not fully confident and make hesitation to encourage other members then they can not become good leaders and handle the work environment.

This is the most essential thing to lead other members to become sophisticated and avoids outstanding coaching. They should understand only their own skills. A successful leader is that who faces all difficulties whenever any person denies his skills. He has to determine his position because it’s only the right thing to achieve success. Many peoples feel pain and want to leave the leader from his destination but leaders must determine their position. They should create perfection in their attitude because behavior and attitude are the main things, which help them to become a good leader (

Leadership shows great importance for organizational success. This help to increase productivity, earn a profit, and reduce cost. In management, leadership is essential to deal with all critical problems and set direction on how to determine in critical situations. This helps the employees to work in a proper way and can ask any question if they face query in work. Without effective leadership, the organization faces many problems because when they do have not an efficient person to tackle all matters may go into a crisis.

Leadership is the only process to handle all critical situations and helps the organization to become sustainable and achieve all goals that they set. They provide suggestions to executives on how to earn more profit than their competitors. For organization leaders make an excellent strategy to become more competitive in the market. In management, they focus on employees to check whether are they working properly for the organization’s success or not. Their responsibility is to update the executives on employees’ work. If employees are not working properly then they can fire them.

In an organization, as leadership works in an efficient way they also face some challenges. But as described first, a good leader is that who can face all problems and handle them inefficiently way.

To become an effective leader you may develop managerial skills to handle all management aspects. You may not become a leader until to create strong management skills because you have a strong vision for organizational success but are responsible for having managerial skills (Billy Arcement, March 26, 2019).

An effective leader may face many challenges; they should have a broad knowledge to lead the other company members to make their organization sustainable for the future. If a leading expert is in his own department but has not gotten involved in the other department’s work so, he can not become a good leader for an entire organization. But now day’s leaders also take an interest in the other departments to work more effectively and handle all organizational aspects. For example, most chief financial officers (CFO) have seen their responsibilities go beyond finance and involve human resources, information technology, and operations (Dana Manciagli, April 13, 2016).

The most essential challenge, which leadership has to face in the organization is the lack of communication. When leaders do not communicate more effectively with other employees then it creates difficulty to understand the actual matter. This may lead to creating a disturbance in the workplace. One reason for this miscommunication is that they do not communicate organizational goals and objectives with their team because of the level of difference. It is difficult for leaders to directly communicate with their team members about plans. This is the critical challenge, which leaders face in organizations to manage their work. That’s why leader makes a solution to communicate with their team to understand how they work for the organization and achieve goals. When a team understands work strategy and plans to achieve goals then it becomes easy for an organization to achieve its objectives (Shaik Rohia Munavar, August 27, 2018).

Leadership is important for every organization to manage work in a proper way. Without leaders, organizations can not manage employees to achieve success. Leadership faces many challenges, which help them to become more effective and generate powerful skills to lead other members of the organization. The leader becomes strong to set a great vision for the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.


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