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The French Revolution tore Europe apart, it was a fire that raged through Europe at the end of the 18th century, the flame of that revolution ignited a fire in the economy, and the whole world changed once the effects of the revolution spread through Europe. The revolution’s activities shaped the world we live in today. Just like the American Revolution, the French Revolution started with new ideas of enlightenment and the Age of Reason. henceforth, how traumatic is this event of a revolution that is a time of chaos and much bloodshed in human history? is it worth the cost of the lives of thousands of people? How do we fully comprehend the revolution thereof, lastly, does this French revolution imply international law? In the latter of the position paper, the hallmarks of the modern Western world imply the principles of democracy and human rights.

Was the revolution a failure? For whom?

The French Revolution was not a failure at all; changes occurred because of the Revolution. Monarchy in France was not effective and unjust.

The estate system where the 24 million and 700 thousand people in France were divided into three estates: The first Estates were the clergy, the second estates were the nobility, and lastly, the third estates were the merchants, lawyers, laborers, and peasants. The First and Second estates didn’t pay taxes, and the Third Estate lifted the tax burden. Moreover, the First Estate collects tithes, and the Second Estate collects dues from peasants. Also, third estates were excluded from political power. The social system clearly shows the social inequality in France. That is what has always characterized the revolutions, it has never ended well.

Now, let’s talk briefly about the Monarchs of France. Louis XV engaged in military adventures in Europe, and France was usually at battle with its neighbors. That costly war worsened the economic crisis in France and led to the country’s bankruptcy. Furthermore, the food crisis was not solved by the monarchs. All the burden of the country was lifted by the Third Estates.

Nonetheless, the French Revolution was able to abolish the French Monarchy and the whole ancient regime of nobility and feudal privileges. Also, the First Republic was created in 1792 and was the first modern European regime established on the standard that all citizens, regardless of social background were equal before the law. Furthermore, in the liberal revolution, France finally championed individual liberty in political and economic spheres, as well as secularism and religious freedom. A huge social reform happened because of the revolution.

However, the French Revolution, like many radical uprisings, emerged with some victories as well as many disappointments. Two of the Revolution’s major features were violence and disorder. The Reign of Terror ruled by the Committee of Public Safety, headed by Robespierre, may be considered as one of the failures of the French Revolution. Exposing the traitors and beheading them in public is an obvious strategy to strengthen his hold on power, rather than formulating into practice the democratic objectives of liberty and equality. Though they succeeded in the abolishment of the Absolute Monarchy, France ended up becoming a tyranny ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte.

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The revolution was both gains failures and achievements. But it is the start of the enlightenment of the people and the aristocrats to address the people’s discontentment. It is the start of a new social change, the establishment of the legislature, and the declaration of the Rights of Man and its Citizens.

Not worth the cost of lives and treasure?

When everyone looked closely at the French Revolution, the French Revolution started with an objective of radicalism, which split France because the people wanted reforms to their social structure.

The revolution was viewed as a bloody and inhumane movement. Contrary to these judgments may be set in the fact that revolutions, improved by political principles, have usually been of utmost benefit to mankind and that progress toward democracy, individual liberty, and international justice owes much to the philosophies of able thinkers. French Revolution, however, excesses of the revolution were not worth the cost of lives. But its outcomes are imperative not only in France but also internationally. Therefore, the French Revolution may have resulted in tragedy but gave a progressive change.

Was it only a political revolution: change and government and governing principles but the elites remain largely in control?

One of the issues in the time of revolution per se, was that the rights during that time were based not on individuals but groups. To simplify it, you had group rights rather than individual rights. Therefore, the political revolution of the French Revolution remains largely in the control of elites. French Monarchy was abolished and became a Representative Government. Also, the principle of equality before the law was imposed. Yet, the system of landholding stayed largely similar. One of the causes of the revolution was the rise of the bourgeois of the Third Estates. The revolution was under bourgeois control. Furthermore, the French Revolution became a capitalist country, an economic and political structure in which a country’s trade and industry were controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Was it a social revolution resulting in the displacement of one social class group by another?

Practically we can say that the revolution is the result of the displacement of one’s class, the peasant class is widely suppressed by the elite class through unfair exemptions of the elites in tax and other similar laws that give the elite class an advantage, while the peasants have a heavy burden to pay their taxes, low income because of the drought which affects their harvest. The widespread discontentment of the third class resulted in a revolution to change their political structure and society.

Had the revolution gone far enough?

Guillotine the opponents of the Revolution was way too much, it was during the Committee of Public Safety. The Second Revolution had a positive impact on France, however, the latter continuation of the revolution was way too much. The Napoleonic aggressive war went far enough and the Directory supported him. They did not want to assert something, what they wanted was to defend something.

What is the implication of the French Revolution to international law?

History always matters, the French Revolution is part of our history. Hence, the political decisions that were taken in the past can limit the possibilities that are available today. International political decisions are crucial because of the principle of sovereignty. Also, The French Revolution demonstrated the power of the common people and this is what gave the Declaration of the Rights of Man. Moreover, the implication of the French Revolution to international law up to the present is filled with many complexities, these complexities are; that everyone wants to belong to something, wants to be heard, and lastly, wants at least a bit of control over everyone’s daily lives. As a result, conflict occurs when those in positions of authority attempt to assert too much influence over their constituents. To avoid these instances in the future we must understand the past.

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