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Drugs and Substance Use

Young girls and boys especially teenagers may use alcohol and drugs recreationally with their peers at events such as parties, bars, and social gatherings or even at schools. They are unaware of the consequences of alcohol and drug use on brain function, as they alter thoughts, moods, sensory perception, and behavior. However, they may indulge in sexual activities without the use of any condom because the capacity to think coherently has been impaired by excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs and this leads to teenage pregnancy also this behavior makes them vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, syphilis and HIVAIDS.

Gender-Based Violence

Sexual abuse also causes teenage pregnancy, young girls are sexually molested by strangers and family members who must protect and care for them. However, they are afraid of being hurt by the perpetrator, which makes them typically unable to alert trusted adults about their situation. This situation may cause teenage pregnancy which may lead to abortion and can also result in increased suicides.

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Poor Socioeconomic Status

Some pregnant teenagers come from low-income backgrounds, which are impoverished households and lack essential means to raise children. Due to parent’s unemployment to provide for children and the family, these teenagers may end up indulging in prostitution and sexual relationships with older men in exchange for money so that they can help with providing food at home. Consequently this results in unplanned pregnancies which turn into teenage pregnancy and they are at a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.


Teenage pregnancy is heavily influenced by the media, particularly programs like ‘‘Teen Mom’’. These programs frequently glamorize pregnancy while obfuscating the genuine difficulties that come with it, encouraging this teenager to become pregnant. Some teenagers become pregnant in order to compel them into long-term relationships. Teenage pregnancy can cause obstructed labor because the body is not fully developed to carry the fetus which can also lead to maternal death and infant death.


Cultural practices such as early and arranged marriages lead to teenage pregnancy. In some cultures young girls are forced to marry elderly men however these men will sexually exploit these teenagers just because they paid the bride price and they believe that these young girls are their property also cultural beliefs that little girls have to know little or nothing about the issues related to sex. These gave men the power to decide when to have sex, how to have sex, and the use of contraceptives. This practice leads to teenage pregnancy and increased school dropouts and also makes them vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections.

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