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In this assignment we will mainly talk about customer care in the hospitality and tourism industry, we have to analyze the needs and wants of both external and internal customers and we must also talk more about internal and external customers what they are all about, and what they are. We will also get to know more about what the moment of truth is in a business or organization, and also, we will explain the impact of service on customers, how customers should be treated, and what kind of service they deserve in an organization

Customer care in hospitality and tourism

Demonstrate an understanding of the scope of customer care, including customer segmentation within hospitality and tourism organization

Customer care is all about how well your customers are taken care of while they interact with your business, and customer segmentation is the practice of building a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing such as age, gender, interest, and spending habits. Market segmentation is the strategic tool to account for heterogeneity among tourists by grouping them into market segments which includes members similar to each other and other dismissal to members of other segments. Tourism market segmentation is also a strategic tool for getting a clear picture of diversity among tourists. Tourism researchers and the tourism industry use market segmentation information to study the opportunities for competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Analyze the needs and wants of both internal and external customers

An internal customer is someone who helps the organization serve the end customer, they are an internal part of the valve chain. As profit is the main motive of an organization, the organization needs to take care not only of the end customer but also of the people who are serving the end customer. Internal customers’ needs can be divided into two different forces, the motivational force which includes opportunity to grow, responsibility, recognition, and also opportunity for promotion and the hygiene force includes supervision, salary, status, pay, and benefits, and lastly relationship with co-workers. External customers are the people who pay for and use the product and service your company has to offer. The goals for your external customers can depend on the product or service such as positive reviews and otherwise supporting your company. An external customer is a person who purchases a company’s product or service but is not part of the organization. The external customers need to always get good service and always get treated fairly because they are the image of the company and the customer’s opinions matter.

Describe how customer information can be collected and used

Companies can capture data in many ways from many services. Customer information can be collected in three different ways firstly by asking the customer, secondly by indirectly tracking the customer and you can do by contacting the customer via telephone or by sending an email to the customers, and lastly by appealing to other sources of customer data on your own by making an order forms, warranty cards, customer rewards programmed, feedback cards, customer satisfaction, survey and also customer competitions. You can then use the information you have collected to see what your customers think about your organization, and what they did not like so you can try to change that and make your organization a better place and what they enjoyed so you can keep on serving the good things and try to deal with the negative also. Organizations need to listen to what your

Design a customer care program for a department in a hotel or travel agency that includes why customer care is important

Customer care is all about how well your customers are taken care of while they interact with you and your organization. Customer care is actually about caring for customers, you have to listen to their needs and find the right solution. Customer care also involves building emotional trust and a relationship between the organization and the customer so it is very important that a business takes care of its customers and always treats them equally and fairly, having a relationship with your customer is also a positive thing for your organization.

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The chosen department of Hotel 224 is the Food and Beverage department. The food and beverage are the service of food made in the kitchen and drinks prepared in the bar for the guests. Therefore, the waiters and waitresses have to:

    • Provide excellent wait service to ensure satisfaction
    • Make menu recommendations
    • Answer questions calmly and share additional information
    • Be friendly to customers
    • The uniform must always be clean
    • Handle every situation professionally
    • Serve the right food and drinks to customers
    • Serve the guests in an accommodating manner

Explain the moment of truth

A moment of truth is usually defined as an instance where the customer and the organization meet one another in a manner that allows the customer to either form or change an impression about the organization. A moment of truth is simply any interaction during which a customer may form an impression of your product or brand. This impression is either positive or negative. A moment of truth is very important because it can either break or make the organization’s relationship with its customers. It is finding feasible actions to improve customers’ experience, it is learning about the critical points where a customer decides about the business and lastly moment of truth is critical as the determines a customer’s perception of and reaction to a brand. There are four different types of moments of truth firstly it’s the zero moment of truth, which is when a company recognizes a need and goes online to gather information regarding a potential purchase. Then we have the first moment of truth, this represents the a-ha moment when confronted with the products and related alternatives, assumed to be in real life. Thirdly we have the second moment of truth, this happens after the customer has bought and started using the brand or products, the resulting experience supports the pre-purchased promises, helping to build a relationship with the audience. And lastly, we have the third moment of truth, this is when the customers become true fans and give back to the brand with new content, word of mouth, reviews, and ratings.

Explain the impact of service on customers

Customer perspectives are defined in a way that customers usually view or feel about certain services and products. Bad customer service can have a very serious impact on the overall health of your business. In the short term, it can affect sales and in the long term it can affect your business in a myriad of ways for example, it can harm your brand, your reputation, and more. The number of reason why customer service is important in a business is because it correlates to revenue. Customer satisfaction does not just impact the business bottom line, it also impacts terms morale and retention rate. Business needs money to survive, to make money the business needs customers, ideally, these customers are happy, and they will then tell their friends about your business and keep coming back. By providing top-notch customer service businesses recoup customer acquisition costs and cultivate a loyal following that refers customers.


In conclusion, with the information mentioned above, it is obvious that customer care is an important factor in the hospitality and tourism industry, customer care is the tool that keeps the customers coming and coming in your business so it can be a success and we also learned about the moment of truth, what it is and how important it is on an organization.

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