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Today is October 21, the birthday of my 23-year-old, I received my first job offer for our landowners, Ulrich von Gradwitz. A yellow gingham hardcover complete with glue that seals the edge with the envelope protects the words from unwelcome eyes. I fell in love with this job when I first saw it; it’s probably will become a significant part of my routine as an adult.

As everyone knows, I live in an unknown village, the worst environment you also can describe this as wilderness. Most of the family lives a poor lifestyle, the entire income comes from my own family from the cultivation of wasteland and the collection of fruit at the edge of the forest, formerly belonging to the public Carpathian Mountains. It is occupied by two large families, Gorge Zneaym and Ulrich von Gradwitz. Anyway, I will accept this job no matter what. I will try my best to decrease the pressure from my family.

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In the evening, we group up on the south side of the Carpathian Mountains, and now Mr.Ulrich telling us the final mission. He tells us if we saw Georg Zneaym come across his land, we would bring his head to him, and he would reward us 1000 dollars. This also can be attracted to me, which isn’t a small price for this tiny place.

After I heard Mr.Ulrich’s mission, I think some of those families were trying to “stop” the fight today, in a negative way. Since a more intense conflict happened A few days ago. Two families start to raise their workforce at the security time. Even though I already accepted this job, it didn’t mean that I thought this was a justice offer. Since I was a child, the two families already became rivals. The shoot always happened in the center of the forest. The events of the story I can talk about without thinking, Their fright will always become the most exciting story of my childhood. For many years as a Bystander, I got more information than the people involved in this war. Since then I started creating my view of this situation. I think the conflict that happened between them is unnecessary to exist. The war also is a kind of Expensive consumption, it easily smashes you from the inside of your family. In the story, I have known about this war between two families for at least more than ten years, two families’ Property and workforce decayed fast as shown by a decay function. there are two reasons I think why there Is up war on consumption. One is that they are all afraid of each other when they start the conflict, they don’t fully know the situation, and those smart people won’t take any chance for failure. I guess they don’t probably don’t want to throw them into the war immediately, The war of attrition may also be a test of the other’s strength, but no one may have thought of a test more than ten years. Another reason I am going to move on is the forest may not be the reason that they must fight out, the forest is a sign of the pride or dignity of the family. But if they hand over the land for no apparent reason, that will become a point that people judge for after school and meals. Sometimes we can’t prove dignity is a good thing or not, it is determined by the situation that uses dignity.

Another point for proving my opinion can be a little selfish, but that is a reason that is based on our situation right now. This forest, the Carpathian Mountains shouldn’t belong to any of them. Anything that exists in this space should belong to our creation of god. That is to say, this forest does not belong to anyone, and the forest is attributed to nature. Because of their practices, nature finally brought disaster to us. When the fight becomes two families always send an army to protect their “own” land. The patrol during day and night, leads to periodic imbalances in the forest, and the biological balance is gradually dysfunctional. Animal migration has gradually moved to other forests, and the forests we rely on are now empty. Most of the people who live nearby are living in this wasteland.

At some point, I hope those most powerful guys can accept each other, be friends, sit somewhere, and have a good, friendly chat. The hate that they have before can become a special connection between the two of them. It will lead us to a happy ending in the story. Honestly, I don’t want to meet Georg Zneaym in the forest, but if I encounter her, I will not hesitate to shoot his head for the first time.

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