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It was about 1812 in Italy. There were these two kids named Montresor and Fortunato, about the age of 16 and 17 years old. Montresor was 16 years old, his family was a well-known, respected, and wealthy family. He had been born into a family that had a lot of knowledge of wine. Montresor would soon be the main one in his family known as the ‘Wine Connoisseur’, but not the only one in town. Fortunato was 17 years old and was born into a middle-class wealthy family, who would soon become the main one in his family, and another in town, to be known as the ‘Wine Connoisseur’. These boys were known as nothing more than friendly acquaintances. Years passed and their friendship didn’t grow nor fade, but stayed the same. But as society grew and wealth became more a part of their lives it may have wedged something between them, at least one of them.

Montresor and Fortunato are about in their mid-twenties now. They are both wealthy and well-respected men who are also known for their abundant amount of knowledge on wine, and selling wine. They are not necessarily friends or enemies either. Yet there isn’t a ‘bond’ between them either, especially since they became into the working society. Fortunato would have certain remarks and opinions towards and of Montresor. One day I saw the two of them in town speaking to one another. I had overheard their conversation Fortunato was saying to Montresor ‘I have way more customers, who are also wealthier than yours.’ Montresor did not have a response for him he just continued to walk and converse with him. Although Montresor didn’t respond to Fortunato’s somewhat rude comment he continued to say more what seemed unpleasing statements. ‘You may be a ‘Wine Connoisseur’ but your knowledge will never reach the knowledge that I have for wine.’ Montresor did not respond again, verbally, yet he gave a visual response. His stance changed to an uneasy manner, almost as if he was surprised to hear of such rudeness from a former ‘friend’. I have seen many of these incidents throughout the years of adulthood, between the two, yet they remained ‘friends’.

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Fortunato was a good man, everyone respected him, as well as Montresor. And even though Fortunato had sometimes rude remarks or conversations with Montresor he still considered him as a friend, and maybe even said these remarks as a joking matter. And even though some may say these aren’t things you say to a friend, it didn’t seem to bother Montresor at all. They would still socialize friendly when seen, plan to catch up and have coffee with one another, etc. The two were just friends who had to be somewhat competitive due to their jobs. And even though they were not ‘friends’ nor ‘enemies’ they were some of the closest guys in town despite some remarks said by Fortunato.

From competition to friendly parties, these two were it. They were the town’s finest. They both had the finest wines, the finest customers (wealthy ones too), some of the most money, and the most respect from the people of our town. Now, even though the two weren’t the best of friends, there was a side only Montresor knew about Fortunato. The reason I know this was a conversation I, yet again, overheard. One day the two of them were walking out of our local coffee brewery. I could tell there was some sort of tension or conflict between the two. I heard Montresor say ‘This is the second time this week you’ve shown up like this.’ Fortunato didn’t respond with anything but a smile. Montresor continued to say ‘Just because we are in the wine business doesn’t mean we become addicted!’ Montresor then looked around worried then managed to get Fortunato home. I don’t know completely but maybe Fortunato is addicted to wine, but how so? Drinking it, selling it, buying it? And from the look on Montresor’s face of complete worry, there is no way anyone else knows about this situation so I guess it’ll remain unsolved.

Although there were good and bad times throughout the years of Montresor and Fortunato they managed to keep a good relationship. From childhood friendship due to growing up together in the wine industry, to competing against each other daily that somehow looked as if it was bonding a friendship. Even the rude remarks that Fortunato said to Montresor from time to time didn’t seem to bother either of them, they just continued. I mean after all, what would the town do if these two weren’t “these two”, even with the competitiveness they are our town’s best. If anything were to happen to either of them what would the town do? Especially with the town’s favorite big Carnival Celebration coming up, especially Fortunato’s.

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